Saturday, 15 March 2008

A Bittersweet Day

Cloudy, minus 4, no word of rain!

To be alive is power,
Existing in itself,
Without a further function,
Omnipotence enough. - Emily Dickinson

This is a bittersweet day, joyous and sad. Two friends have lost loved ones and there are two funerals. One has an important birthday and Louise is coming home.

Guy and Nicole, dear neighbours, lost their son, Martin, this week after years and years that he suffered with multiple sclerosis. Such richness he gave to the world, exercising his amazimg talents: as dancer, musician, writer, humourist and humanist. He leaves a profound emptiness, but much love.

Lise and Delmar lost his brother, Wayne, after a lengthy illness; again, far too young. We've heard of his family gathering, of supporting each other, particularly Wayne's parents, and our hearts go out to them all. And it's Lise's fiftieth birthday. 'If I can just be with everybody, supporting them, that's enough for me', she told me. A generous soul.

And, joy of joys, Louise is flying home from Houston, through Chicago, her work done. Last night she appeared at Murder By The Book, then could relax, enjoy a meal, and get a good night's sleep. With no need to rise at 3 or 4am for a flight. Instead, a leisurely breakfast, reading the paper and relaxing, before her noon flight. The change in O'Hare seems a little tight, but I know she'll make it. I'm afraid our diets may be bruised a bit tonight! Gotta celebrate!

So long for now, till Louise needs me to sub again. And thanks for reading my blog and all your kind feedback.

Be well and ciao

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