Monday, 21 September 2009

Barnes and Noble Recommends!!!!

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What a few days!!! Now I can let the secret out...THE BRUTAL TELLING has been chosen by Barnes and Noble as their main selection! This is HUGE. I knew it was on the shortlist, but never dreamed it would actually be chosen. It means the book will be features prominently on the website and in the 700 B&N stores across the States. It is considered second only to Oprah in terms of impact.

I am beyond thrilled...ecstatic. Yippee.

If you go to B&N website you can see a Tagged interview. that's one of the main reasons I went to New York earlier this month.

It was SO hard to keep the secret. The only other person who knew about it, in my circle, was Michael. And everytime he threatened to say anything I poked him in the eye.

Wait a minute. you don't think....

We are in Toronto now, at the SoHo Met (great hotel) and enjoying the extraordinary time. I'm determined not to dull the thrill by worrying. But to hand it over and delight in this great, unexpected gift.

Can hardly wait until tomorrow when THE BRUTAL TELLING goes on sale across the States!! Beyond thrilling.

Had a fun weekend...visited Cousin Marjorie in Elora, Ontario - and did the Eden Mills Literary Festival, also in Ontario. It was a stunningly beautiful day (yesterday) and it was a stunningly beautiful location. this small town - a village really - of stone homes on a river. they closed the whole village to cars and made it pedestrian only - with four venues with authors giving talks and readings.

Mine was at the Mill - with another mystery writer, Terry Griggs, and a Canadian philosopher, John Ralston Saul. It was the first time I read from THE BRUTAL TELLING. Not convinced I did the best job, but have to start somewhere. It will get better and better as I practice and get in front of audiences. It annoyed me, I must admit, that John Ralson Saul - a quite prominent Canadian - didn't bother to show up until his time...wandering over and apologising by explaining he was just hanging around doing nothing, and forgot.

Not sure about Terry, but didn't make me feel a lot of respect for him. I've traveled the world doing literary festivals, often exhausted - as are almost all the other writers - but we still manage to show respect for our fellow panelists by at least listening to them, and not only showing up when we get centre stage.

Oh, well. Maybe I'll be like that one day.

Happily, it wasn't a big deal, just a sort of bafflement and disappointment. I'd heard good things about him. We still bought his book. It is important to support each other, after all.

We're in TO until Thursday...totally bouyant about the B&N turn of events!!!!

And can hardly wait until tomorrow (Tueday) when THE BRUTAL TELLING is on sale across the US. I feel quite emotional about it.

Be well - and thank you for sticking with me...and showing up, even when I had very little to say.


♥Jen♥ said...

Hi Louise, I've been lurking and lurking for months now and absolutely must come out of lurkdom to say CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so deliriously thrilled for you and for Gamache. I'm almosted finished reading THE BRUTAL TELLING and am a tad bit sad; I'm not ready to get to the end and leave my friends. It is a magnificent book and so deserving of B&N's recognition. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Jen Forbus

Shelagh Davis said...

Hi Louise, Wonderful, wonderful news about the B&N "tagged", and a great interview, too, albeit too short! Cannot wait until tomorrow when I have my own copy of "The Brutal Telling"; nothing will be done in my house until it's finished. Love your books, your blog, your wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for brightening my day.
Bless you, and Michael.
Shelagh D.

duraknit said...

Louise, I've been reading since spring of this year, and you will never EVER be like that. Way too classy! So exciting about Barnes & Noble!

Anonymous said...

ah, Louise, such great news about the B&N recommends! Couldn't happen to a finer soul!
Sometimes I wonder, how you cope with the rollercoaster ride of books - the ups & downs of writing, people's responses, of being in the public 'eye'..(I imagine you'd at times prefer just being in Michael's eye - in the visual sense of the word only...:) Anyway, I wish you all the best, you've worked hard, and opened your heart to life - and now this. It's all so very cool...

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Congratulations on the B&N very deserved. My copy is being sent via and I can't wait for it. Also sending Michael good thoughts concerning his eye. Must be quite scary for him, but it sounds like he's in capable hands. Now get cracking and write us another book!

lil Gluckstern said...

Yay Louise!!!
Manners are a sometime thing these days, aren't they? I got a notice from Amazon that my copy was in the mail, and i can't wait (although I have to). Nice review in the NY Times. I think Ms. Stasio likes you. The review makes the book feel like coming home. Hope the book does well in the States. What a sense of humor you have-you must be feeling hopeful if you are joking about Michael's eye. Thinking of you both,



Eileen Powell said...

Hello Louise,

I'm another lurker who has finally decided to show. I love your books and can't wait for The Brutal Telling to be published in the UK.
Best Wishes,

Elaine said...

Hi Louise,

I saw the Barnes and Noble recommendation yesterday (9/21). And today when I went to the Barnes and Noble site your book was ranked #8 in sales!

I must say it's most deserved. You are an incredible and gifted writer. Every book you write more enjoyable and outshines the previous one.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations again! It seems that in the 2 1/2 years that I've been back in Canada and following your career, you've gone from not-so-well known to big-time writer. Your dream come true, I think.

Jeanine said...

Hi Louise,

I saw the B&N website this morning and am so happy for you. Great interview, also. I am on my way over there in a bit to pick up my pre-ordered copy. Have been waiting MONTHS for it to get here! Cannot wait to hold it in my hot little hands.

Cannot imagine you EVER doing what Mr. Saul did.

Have a wonderful day. Bask in the warmth of all our love, affection and admiration.

Best wishes for Michael.

Mercedes said...

Louise --

The Brutal Telling is on prominent display at my local B&N in Scottsdale, Arizona. There is also a St. Martin's book-tree display of your previous four "Gamaches" in paperback. How exciting!

-- Mercedes

Tammy said...

Can't wait until my own copy gets here...Of course, I'll have to "save" it and carry it around, not reading it for a while until I can't stand it another minute because I know once I start reading, it will go fast and be over way before I want it to.

Congratulations on all this success in your life. You should be so proud....I think I speak for "us all"....we are sure proud of you!

Tammy in MO

Bobbie said...

VERY BIG CONGRATS!!! Yes, it's an honour for you to be a Barnes & Noble tagged and Main Selection, WOW!...but many more will happen, imo. You and your writing get more and more recognition and admiration, for a very good reason, you deserve it! :-)

And maybe those little people ignoring and dilly-dallying, are just to remind you, not everyone is as good as you are, with people, and with writing! That's my take!

I met you in person, in Muncie Indiana less than a year ago, look forwards to seeing you in Indianapolis soon...and have been a huge fan, since I read Still Life when it was first in the USA, years ago. Saying that so you will know, you have a long time fan here, and from meeting you last yer I know that in real life you are joyful and intelligent and kind..and a VERY GOOD WRITER! :-)

Big congrats on the introduction of The Brutal Telling, Louise. Enjoy these kudos, they are well earned. And though it's very tough, don't feel too badly about those who don't know...they will know they made an error, imo. :-)

And don't poke Michael in the eye any more. :-) At least not now. :-)

YAY for the B&N tagged and Main Selection! Hi to those who were quiet before, and probably some who are quiet still...and everyone else too. Celebration Today Here!!! :-)


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi everyone,

I am overwhelemed and overjoyed by your messages. And once again, apologies for my mass response. It's almost 10pm and am exhilerated but tired. I was telling Hope Dellon, my editor at Minotaur Books that I feel as though I've run a marathon, and won!

Thank you, to each of you, for your words. I know, as do you, the power of hurt and to heal. And your words mean the world to me. They are a balm, a joyous centre, a delight. And thanks to the lurkers who found their voice - to celebrate! And to those of you who have been on this journey for years.

Wow! Can you believe it??

Who knows what will happen from this. Perhaps nothing, perhaps a great deal. But how fun it is to know I'm not alone. Like it or not, you guys are getting dragged along!

Hold on tight!