Wednesday, 9 September 2009


sunny, mild, lovely day, temps 20

Stunning day - not a cloud. Beautiful walking weather. Michael and I had breakfast, then I headed off to check out netbooks at Bureau en Gros, which is a big office supply chain. Looking at Toshiba and Samsung, but they didn't have the types I'd found online with great reviews. Will keep looking. I think with the amount I travel, the volume of email and the need to do some writing (but not other stuff) a netbook makes more sense than a new laptop. Love my old one, even though the letter have almost completely worn off the keyboard. It's a clunky old thing, but mine.

But for traveling, I think a netbook would work.

Got my haircut by Olivier...he did a great job. Then had Linda remove my moustache with hot wax. Yikes! I have this done about once a year. I'm lucky that I'm quiet fair and the odd black, wiry hair can be the hot wax and feathers treatment isn't essential all the time. Though they actually don't put feathers on. Instead she uses some sort of sandpaper-like strip and rip the top layer of skin (and presumably, hair) right out. My upper lip was deep purple. Not exactly an improvement - and we have quite a formal affair tonight at McGill University - the investiture of a chair in medicine.

Linda, being quite understanding, said she'd get rid of the purple by smearing a calming cream on it. When I looked in the mirror I had a Fu Manchu of green paste. I whizzed around to stare at Linda. She explained that the green hid the purple. Which was true. But it was still green. Under my nose. Can you imagine showing up at a formal cocktail in a room filled with medical specialists, looking like I had a petrie dish on my upper lip?

The haircut would have to be pretty spectacular to overcome that. And it wasn't that good.

I went into the washroom and wiped the green goop off. So now I have a slightly numb, slightly purple upper lip. Perhaps, like Queens of old, I should put a big fake mole on my cheek, as a diversion.

Or, maybe I can decide the entire room isn't that interested in me. Yes, perhaps that will be my beauty secret today. Modesty.

Came home and wrote 15-hundred words on the novella that now has a name. The Hangman. It will be published in the fall of 2010 and features Chief Inspector Gamache and a murder in - you guessed it - Three Pines! Such fun to be back there. Am about to write a scene between Gamache and Myrna. What a challenge writing for adults who read at about a grade 4 level. It sure makes me think. And simplfy my language.

Time to get my party frock on. Off to the ceremony and party, then home to watch Obama's speech on health care.

By the way, happy 9/9/09.

Be well.


lil Gluckstern said...

How delightful you are! so willing to be exposed in writing, and so different from those who wouldn't dream of appearing in public without their "masks." Quite an inspiration. I am retreating from that mode-just let my hair grow out, and my haircutter told me it was silvery, and I looked womanly. I think he is trying to make me feel better. Anyway, I am feeling better, thank you; I still get very tired. I think (not being a doctor) that I had a virus that affected my ears. Hence the dizziness. But what do I know? I hope you enjoyed your party, and enjoy your "self."

Margaret J. McMaster said...

I've been thinking of buying a netbook for the same reason so I'll be interested in what brand you decide on and how it works for you.

donna said...

Hi Louise: The New Canaan Library finally updated the author scedule and have you on for October 2 - so I guess it won't be just the two of us. Not as much food as I originally thought. Looking forward to it,

Marjorie said...


Can you please email me about New Canaan? What's this about food? I would use some help! Thanks.

--Marjorie from Connecticut
email: ctmoonmaid @ (with no spaces.)

Marjorie said...

Make that "I COULD use some help"!


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lil,

Well put. I wonder if for me it's an age thing. Less worried about those things...still aware, still a distance to go...but creeping up on not caring.

so glad to hear you're feeling better!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi margaret,

the advice I've been given is to wait until late October, after Microsoft comes out with it's new system. So I think I will wait. Will let you know what happens.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Donna,

Damn - we'll have to share? Line your pockets in plastic and we can haul out at least half the buffet. If you'd like I could be really, really boring and put everyone to sleep. Then we could eat.

Always scheming!