Tuesday, 22 September 2009

THE BRUTAL TELLING is launched!!!

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It's launch day - and the most exciting of my career! As I said yesterday, the largest bookseller in the world, Barnes and Noble, has made THE BRUTAL TELLING their main selection.

I feel so giddy I'm almost sick. But in a good way. Good nausea. Like morning sickness. I guess. As you see, my mind has also been affected.

What a thrilling day - and THE BRUTAL TELLING is now on sale across the US!!!

I sure hope you like it.

And I really want to thank you all for finding the series before anyone else knew about it. And sticking with me. And telling others. How lucky I am. I happy I am!!!

And, Lesa Holstein, a wonderful book blogger from Arizona has a terrific review of THE BRUTAL TELLING. Here site is called Lesa's Book Critique. Here's an excerpt...

How do I describe the latest Chief Inspector Armand Gamache novel? Penny rips you apart, and then patches you up with poetry and Gamache's kindness....Clara, the artist who serves as the conscience of the village says, "Every Quebec village has a vocation. Some make cheese, some wine, some pots. We produce bodies." But, where did the body come from? Gamache knows there are secrets hidden, and lies told by some of his old friends....deep in the heart of the forest surrounding Three Pines, Gamache discovers contradictions - the horrifying cruelty man is capable of, along with beauty and peace....It's autumn in Three Pines in The Brutal Telling, a time of beauty, change, and death. Those elements merge to make this the most powerful book yet in the Chief Inspector Gamache series.

What a beautiful review from Lesa Holstein!

And what a dream of a day!!! Honestly, I wish I could describe how exciting today has been. I spent most of it responding to emails - wonderful, exhilerating messages. And speaking to the publisher in New York...Minotaur Books. Fabulous publisher. As a gift celebrating the launch, and the B&N Main Selection, they sent a framed photo of a huge ad that will soon appear. I won't say where...perhaps you'll see it.

How lucky am I?

And then, tonight, my brother Doug arrives at the hotel holding a big box, very carefully. I felt for sure it must be something alive. Gerbils, perhaps. The little known tradition of giving gerbils as a launch gift. Thank God Minotaur hasn't yet heard of it.

fortunately it turned out to be a cake! Michael had contacted Doug and asked if he could arrange to have a cake with the cover image of the book on it. this, of course, fell to Doug's ex-wife but great friend Mary, to track someone down.

they did...and it looks great. Will try to get it up on the website at some point.

Then we all went out to a nearby Indian restaurant for dinner...then back to the hotel room for cafe au lait and to devour THE BRUTAL TELLING. As I hope you soon will!

Then, at 8:30, I had a conference call with a wonderful, lively, smart book club in the american midwest. Springfield. Great questions. And a great way for me to cap off this celebratory day!

And now my latest child is free. I've done all I can. Let's see how she does.


Marjorie said...

I couldn't be happier for you, Louise and you deserve every bit of the success because the books are so special.

And can I guess that the gift that you got was the ad that will appear in the New York Times Sunday book section? Hurray! I expect to hear that the book is on the Times bestseller list for weeks nad weeks to come.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Cece said...

Congratulations! Today is errand day, and I do, remarkably, have to drive right past good old B&N......
and then I will be weird about it-wanting to read it all in one gulp but not wanting it to be over. So so weird.
Enjoy the frolic. You earned it.

Brenda B. said...

Hooray! I'm so very delighted for you! Bravo!

Brenda B.

Louise Penny Author said...

OK, now Marjorie, you have me scared. How did you know that? Anything else I should know??? Will Oprah be calling?

Thanks for your good thoughts and energy, marjorie. From your comment to God's ear!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Cece,

Thank you!!! And you might want to stand by the display and say very loudy, Oh, my Gooood!!! this is the best series every written!!!

If you could do that on the hour, every hour, I'd appreciate it. A verbal gyser.

Hope you like the book, Cece!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Brenda,

Thank you!!! It is SO wonderful to see your comments and remember our wonderful conversation in the hall at Bloody Words in June.

You really are lovely. Thank you! Very exciting time...still haven't descended, and have no plans to.

donna said...

Hi Louise: So sorry to hear that you had to cancel your appearance in New Canaan. I was looking forward to seeing you again but well understand you can't leave Michael right after the operation. I am so looking forward to the Brutal Telling. I love reading Lesa's reviews and thought her review of the Brutal Telling was amazing. Glad that you mentioned her as her website for mystery readers especially is great. All the best and hope you will be coming this way in the future,

Kaye Barley said...


Jeanine said...

Hi Louise,

I picked up my pre-ordered book yesterday at B&N ... teased myself with Chapter One in bed last night. Oh ... my ... gosh! This is going to be so fantastic! I had goosebumps.

May I say that this is a particularly beautiful book, pnysically! The cover photograph of that wonderful fireplace is astounding. Then when you read the first chapter, it takes on special significance. You can look at the cover and feel that you're right there in that cabin with the Hermit and Olivier, listening to the coyotes wailing outside. Oh ... I LOVE it!

bgpringle said...

Louise, Iwas notified by Amazon that The Brutal Killing has been shipped. I can't wait. Have been following your blog since we met at Bal's at your guest cottage in Aug. We were one of the Queen's Meds '63 group.No B&N in Meridian Miss. Congratulations.

lil Gluckstern said...

So here I wait for my book to arrive...enjoy this time...


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Donna,

thank you for being so understanding about New Canaan. I feel badly about it - never cancelled an event before, but just could not leave Michael.

Have you been on your trip yet??? You must have returned...was it fabulous? Sure sounded great.

Louise Penny Author said...

yaaay is right, kaye. yay, kaye.

Louise Penny Author said...

hi jeanine,

Ha, I know that feeling...teasing, giving yourself a small literary bite...but you are way more disciplined than I!

I agree with you abgout the cover. That's the brilliant people at Minotaur. Thanks for noticing and I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far!!!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi - is that Betty???

I'm terrible with names so if I'm wrong I hope you forgive me - and I'm thrilled you're following the blog...so you've seen updates on Bla and Linda and Bethany. Must seem odd to you at times to read about people you know so much better than I do.

Michael and I really had fun meeting that mad meds of 63 - and being made to feel as though we too belonged.

Thank you for ordering the book!! Say hi to everyone, please.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lil,

You are very patient! Hope it's worth the wait. Enjoy!! isn't this fun?

donna said...

Hi Louise: Sorry - no trip for me. Must be someone else using my name! Most of my summer was at home at the beach which is only 3 miles away. Milford is a town right on Long Island Sound and we have beaches for the residents which are free. I consider a day at the beach with a good book the best possible day - also a little food helps too! Regards, Donna

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Donna,

I must have been fantasizing for you! Well, I think you enjoyed your dreamed up vacation and are very rested.

I do a lot of dream vacationing myself. Off to Italy in a moment, as I take my bath.