Friday, 4 September 2009

Lise wins 1st place at Fair!!!

sunny, hot, temps 28

another stunning day. full moon last night. We walked back from the cottage, through the woods and turned off the flashlight - we didn't need it until we got into the trees. The moon was brilliant enough.

Had a blast today. Went off to the Brome County Fair with Michael and Susan. Ran into all sorts of friends. Janet, and Nancy and George, Wayne and Shirley. Lise - my assistant won first prize in the hooked rug competition!!! We saw her entry and it's magnificent...she actually made a rug version of the fair poster from a couple of years ago.

Congratulations, Lise!!!

We ate Derby burgers and fries - watched the cattle judging...Michael decided the second one from the right would win.

Why, I asked, never knowing he had an eye for cow-flesh. Perhaps, I thought, this new Emeritus status comes with new knowledge. Apparently not.

It has a nice bum, he said.

That was really the last time I asked which one he thought would win. Susan thought the one making all the mooing sounds would win, except it wasn't actually in the ring.

We then visited the animal sheds, where the animals waited for their judging times. Sheep and goats and rabbits and chickens.

We bought home-made chutney and corn on the cob and peaches and tomatoes...and got soft ice-cream cones each and watched teens get on the scariest rides! Such fun to watch from the safety of the ground - with an ice cream cone.

Oh, we also tried one of the games of skill and chance. Darts, thrown at balloons. We had 7 darts. I threw 2 and hit 2 balloons. Michael threw 2 and hit 2 balloons, and Susan threw 3 and hit 2 balloons. We won a brilliant blue stuffed pony we gave to Pat for her granddaughter. That poor concession! If we could burst so many balloons they're going to be bankrupt in hours!

But we had a lot of fun.

Home now - organizing some things, replying the letters and phone calls from the last week. Gorgeous, gorgeous day and the entire weekend is supposed to be fabulous.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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