Sunday, 27 September 2009

New York Times Review of Books Ad!!!

rainy, cool, temps 15

Fall day - grey and cool - damp into the bones. But has the advantage of being completely natural for this time of year.

We're back in Sutton - feels great to be home...or at least the country home. But had a very fun day. As some of you noticed, my fabulous publishers, Minotaur Books, put a full page, colour ad in today's New York Times Review of Books!!!!

It looks unbelievable. Dazzling! How wonderful is this?

As most of you know, I this is a huge step forward in terms of exposure for the Chief Inspector Gamache books. And it feels fantastic. I'm so proud of THE BRUTAL TELLING. It's not a book I just dashed off (actually, none of them is) - it took well over a year of thinking, planning, writing and editing.

But still, I don't think anyone expects this sort of reception. I sure didn't... and I am deeply, deeply thrilled...and deeply aware of how fortunate I am.

And very grateful to all of you for buying the books, many of you from the very beginning, and telling others about them. None of this happens without your help. I know that...and very aware of it.

Thank you for this amazing time in my life. No matter what happens, I've had this past week and will remember it always.


Had breakfast this morning with Francine Pelletier and her partner David Sherman. among other things, they produce documentries and they've asked if Michael and I will be part of their latest, on people's relationship with alcohol. We met at Nick's and immediately hit it off. Fascinating people. Successful people. I often expect people like that to be cynical, with an edge. Sarcastic and caustic. But they were anything but. Warm and comfortable, thoughtful. Intelligent. It was a terrific time.

Left them with just enough time to zip home, change into our "sunday best" and head off to the United Church at Landsdown and the Boulevard, in Montreal. We were meeting Bal, Linda and their daughter Bethany. Bethany's in a terrific band at the church called TM2, and they were performing at the 11am service. We'd said we wanted to hear bethany, and this was our chance.

She was brilliant. She has a full, rich, voice. Surprising in it's strength and very beautiful.

Indeed the whole service was beautiful - the focus was saving the earth. Not frightening, but reassuring - that we can do it. But must act.

We were supposed to then have lunch with Bal, Linda and Bethany, but Linda and Bal are sick with colds, so we've taken a 'rain-check'.

Got home by 3:30, got some groceries, played with happy to see her again!! Watched the last of the golf...yay Phil Mickleson! And am now writing to you.

A perfect day! A full page ad in the NYTRB!!! Breakfast with fascinating people!!! A church service and hearing Bethany sing!!! Then home safe and sound.

Hope those of you who have THE BRUTAL TELLING are enjoying it. And please, tell others about it!!! It really would be great to push this one over the top.

thank you for all you've done for me already!! Hope you also had a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dear Louise,

Just finished The Brutal Telling - FANTASTIC! Just loved it, truly had me stumped until the very end. Don't want to spoil it for others who read here, so won't comment on particulars. I read it in two days, really less than 24 hours as I woke early the next morning and stuck my nose in to finish it up. The husband kept teasing "So, have you figured out who did it yet?" I think he's even intersted in reading it...a real complimnet as he's not a big mystery fan, mostly scifi and fantasy. You have quite a following in the Old Pueblo (Tucson). Can't wait for your next offering. Thanks so much for a wonderful read.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Deb,

What a great picture you create of you reading, and your husband. And then to know you're in Tuscon...I always imagine that as very romantic.

By the way, I know it's not exactly next door, but I have an event at Poisoned Pen Bookstore in November...the 3rd I think. If you know of anyone in Phoenix who might be interested, just ask them to check out the PP website.

So thrilled you liked THE BRUTAL TELLING, Deb. Thanks for telling me.

Lesa said...

Congratulations, Louise! I can't wait to see the New York Times full page spread, and the New Yorker. Well deserved. You know how much I think of The Brutal Telling. Thank you for the quotation on release date. And, you were worried I wouldn't like the book! It's beautiful, Louise.

Gamache may be modeled on Michael, but there is so much of your soul in that book. You deserve every bit of success that comes to you.


lil Gluckstern said...

Your blogs remind me of the quote "to everything there is a season..." except that sometimes the seasons crash into each other. I'm thinking of you as I read "The Brutal Telling. It is very gripping, and I've only started. But I love Henri with his satellite dish ears, and the the wonderful reality of a family not quite at ease with each other. Balances the foreboding...what can I say? This is the first time I'm reading a book with the author;s blog informing my emotion. So far? I can't wait to finish my chores so that I can read some more. You are a wonderful teller of tales, and setting of scenes. Can't wait 'til later.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lesa,

Thank you!! What a very beautiful thing to say...and in the october Newsletter I'll be quoting from your fabulous review. Thank you for being so supportive!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lil,

I bet it's a different experience. Hope it's as satisfying and that you're not thinking of the author as you read, but manage to get caught up in the reality of Three Pines and the characters... it's so interesting to hear your experience!

So glad you're enjoying it so far. Yay!