Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Seven days

Overcast, mild, temps 20

Rained buckets in the night. Perfect for the gardens and the water table.

There are all sorts of wild turkeys around the place - with their little ones. Quite worried what will happen in a few weeks when hunting season begins. They seem totally unafraid of people. Silly things.

Went off to Cowansville for breakfast this morning...very tasty. Did some errands including looking at a bridge. Michael had the great idea of having another bridge put in from the island in our pond to the other side. Right now we, of course, have one bridge, but it would be fun to keep going and have another. So we looked at some very attractive cedar bridges. But the man gave me the creeps. Seemed sort of boozy, at 11am. Thought this might not be the guy we want to invite onto our property.

Still, Michael had a great idea. Will just search around.

Have been asked by the Sunday Telegraph in London to write a travel article on Quebec City. Will do that this afternoon. Happily, as many of you know, we spent a month there this past winter - and I lived there for a few years - so I know it quite well. And, of course, I adore it.

Put on one of my autumn coats today. Put my hand in the pocket, and discovered a time machine...of sorts. Found a map of the Art Gallery of Ontario from a couple of years ago. Receipts from Canada Post and some construction material. A To Do list -including dry cleaning, nuts, fish nets and mosaic tiles. Makes you wonder what we were building.

Also found 11 cents and a golf tee.

The other pocket was filled with dog treats.

And that was the big excitement today. Have I killed you yet? Or are you made of stronger stuff?

Actually, these are terrifically exciting times!!! Seven days to go until the US launch of THE BRUTAL TELLING. Hope you like it!


lil Gluckstern said...

One person's boredom is another person's soothing commentary. I'm glad to know that other people don't always clean their pockets, and they enjoy the memories those bits and pieces bring. Waiting for "A Brutal Telling, and with all due respect, I like your books much better than Donna Leon's. At the risk of being corny, You and your books have grace, that intangible something-maybe it's the language, or the flow, or the setting of scene-or all of it. Meanwhile, I have to take care of my bits and pieces, which I can't describe as well as you.


Cornflower said...

All my pockets are filled with dog treats (though as far as the recipients are concerned they are too carefully rationed)! But to be similarly caparisoned (for want of a better word) is a good thing!

Martha said...

This Georgia girl agrees with Lil as to your novels being a thing of grace!

Can you send your travel article through your blog? I love Old Quebec and would love to hear about it from someone from within. Blessings, Martha

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lil,

You're wonderful - thanks for making my pockets seem interesting. Have to admit, the golf tees are a bit baffling.

And thank you for your kind words about the books. How lovely you are.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Cornflower,

Ha! You made me laugh - thanks. We must have the same dogs...do your nuzzle your pocket and check out your hands?

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Martha,

Oh, that's a good idea re: travel article. I suspect the Telegraph will want to run it first, but after that I will put it up.

and thank you for saying such lovely things about the books. The new one is about to launch and I always feel a bit vulnerable and fearful. So thank you.