Saturday, 26 September 2009

New Yorker!!

sunny, fabulous autumn day, temps 18

Gorgeous day. Met Elise and Susan in Nick's for breakfast...then walked to Stuart's funeral. Very, very beautiful. Packed. Wonderful eulogies. I held it together until Donna and Jeremy and Stuarts 90 year old mother walked back down the church aisle at the end. Then I cried.

But it was also a real celebration - with lots of laughter.

Then Michael and I went out for lunch to the bistro and then home to work. Finished the first draft of a manuscript I'm working on...always feels great. Then watched a couple episodes of the second season of 30 Rock. Hilarious.

The BIG news though is that Minotaur has put a fabulous ad for THE BRUTAL TELLING in this week's New Yorker Magazine!!! Page 4 I believe. It looks great, and honestly, after reading the New Yorker for years, to find myself a part of it, albeit a bought part, is magical. Really, almost out-of-body.

So many amazing this have happened this week...such joy - and such sadness. Feels like a week at the the extremes. And the key seems to be to feel things totally, but not be swallowed up. Equilibrium. And appreciation.

What a week!

Tomorrow am meeting a former colleague who now produces documentries. She wants to know if I'll be a part of one she's wer're meeting for breakfast - yes - at nicks! Might have to have a phone line put in there.

Then off to church with Bal, Linda and Bethany. As you might realize, this isn't something Michael and I normally do...but tomorrow is special. Bethany's band is performing at the service. Then we're off to their place for lunch...then driving home to Sutton.

Full says. Never know what any given day will bring.

Off for dinner...salads with Michael. I can hear him in the bedroom laughing at 30 Rock. Lovely sound.


Melody said...

Dear Louise, I just have to leave a comment to let you know I just finished reading The Brutal Telling this evening. I was sad to see it come to the end. I think this is your best one yet!

I really enjoyed it and will recommend it to many at the Library where I work.

Thank you so much for sharing Three Pines with us once again!


Marjorie said...

I got on the 12:17 am train out of Grand Central last night to go home and pulled the book section out of the New York Times and there in the prime spot on page 2 was the lovely full page full color ad for "The Brutal Telling". And every pull quote is accurate (not true of every ad!). The book is a marvel. Once again, congratulations, Louise. I am so happy for the New Yorker ad as well. It shows how much Minotaur is backing the book and that is a huge part of getting sales started. Word of mouth after people read the book will do the rest. It's your best book yet and that is saying a lot!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Iden Pierce Ford said...

My God, it's better than having a tv series!!!
Where I am sure Gamache is going to end up someday.
So now you really are the Diva of the north.
No single Canadian Crime writer as far as I know has ever had that.
You two must me pinching yourselves. It's good Louise, If I had managed you that would be what I would have wanted for you. So happy for you

Shelagh Davis said...

Dear Louise, Received my copy of THE BRUTAL TELLING yesterday, and just choked up with tears when I saw your dedication to Maggie. A world of emotion in your words-heartbreaking. Maggie died three months after our own beloved flat-coated retriever "Zeke" died. We understand your grief. What a wonderful way to commemorate the love she gave and the love you and Michael had for her. Bless you. Shelagh D.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Melody,

yay - so glad you enjoyed it!! And thanks for spreading the word. So powerful.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Marjorie,

Oh, thank you!!! And I'm SO glad you wrote...hope you read the comments on the comments too. I've had to cancel New Canaan, indeed all my Connecticut events. have decided I need to be with Michael after his operation. So obvious, really. But I wanted you to know.

I'll be blogging about this tomorrow, but an absolutely fabulous new author, Stefani Pintoff is replacing me at the library event, and I really hope lots of people go. She was unbelievably kind to do this for me.

And Marjoie, thank you, as ever, for your support.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dearest Iden,

You are so supportive and kind!!! Thank you!!! What the marvelous Iden doesn't say is that he is married to the pre-eminent Canadian mystery writer, Maureen Jennings, whose Inspector Murdoch series is nopt only brilliant, but the TV series is playing all over the world! Extremely exciting.

What a great community, that SO supports itself. I get very, very moved by that.

Thank you Iden - love to Maureen.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Shelagh,

Reading your comment now I feel the burning in my eyes. Thank you. And such sorrow for your loss. So lucky to have them at all, aren't we?

thank you Shelagh.

Marjorie said...


Thank you again for thinking of me and the cancellation of the library event. I commented to you at the end of the Stuart Robinson post that I had gotten your thoughtful message.

I think that I will not take the day off from work after all and save it for another time. Or I will take it off and start reading "The Brutal Telling" for the 2nd time!

I know that you made the right decision.

--Marjorie from Connecticut