Friday, 18 September 2009

A gift of sight

rainy then sunny, cool, temps 18

Very rainy this morning. Fortunately we have raincoats and umbrellas. Got up early and were at Nick's for breakfast by 7:30. Hopped in a cab (actually found one!) and got to the dentist in time for the 9am appointment. Michael brought a book and waited, but it didn't take long. Then we walked toward his 11am eye appointment, but that gave us plenty of time to wander. By then the rain was just spitting, and by the time we got there the sun was breaking through.

The news from the eye doc was a bit mixed. On the plus side - and this is huge - he's confident the operation will do thge trick. He'd actually going to graft some donated eye tissue onto Michael's eye - among other things he'll be doing. He says eyes donated - by someone who has often died tragically young - can help save the sight of up to 40 people. Including Michael. How beautiful is that. And how devestating. And how grateful we are to the family who had to make a terrible decision. And made it.

The not great news is that his sight is failing in that eye and the doc says it's turning slightly opaque.

But we have decided to believe all that will be reversed by the amazing operation and the great gift of donated tissue.

So the operation is set for Oct 1st. I was supposed to go to Connecticut that day, but have put it off until the next day...the doc says Michael will be fine, and he has an 8:20 appointment for a check up that the doc will also be caring for him. And at least I'll be there for the operation and that night. Then home the next day.

Will rent him some DVD's, get him a mountain of pastries and call every hour.

got home in time for our friends Jack and Jane to arrive. Jack said he'd install some blinds we had made. Turns out the blinds are too while Jack and Michael then decideed to install a ceiling lamp instead JaNE AND i took refuge in the living room.

We adore Jack and Jane and end up yakking and laughing about all sorts of things. Like us they love antiques and traveling...Jane is a gifted interior decorator and works with Kirk - and helps us. And Jack - among many talents - builds furniture.

So we had a great time. And now the sun is out, we're heading off for an early dinner...and driving to Elora, Ontario tomorrow...Won't blog for a few days...probably not until we hit the SoHo Met Hotel in Toronto on Monday.

Speak to you then. Counting the sleeps until THE BRUTAL TELLING is launched!


Bobbie said...

Dear Michael and Louise, with very best wishes for good eyesight and healed eye. Yes, thank goodness for a very hard decision made by others, to give the gift of sight. Truly a gift from the heart and soul, at a bad time, do do this good.

Louise, best wishes to you, for the launch of THE BRUTAL TELLING!! A huge fan of yours am I, and this will of course be both nervewracking and wonderful! :-)

Good thoughts to you both, and a few up into crisp air and the bright blue skies heavenward, from the cornfields of Illinois. Every little bit helps and you two are great folks.


lil Gluckstern said...

Sending wishes for Michael's recovery, and a great launch for "The Brutal Telling"-success for both of you. I have been talking about the autumns back east with my friends, spurred on by your readings. Enjoy your time.

Brenda B. said...

Hello there,

Best wishes regarding Michael's eye surgery and all best wishes for the launch.

Nice plug for The Brutal Telling in today's New York Times Book Review. Congratulations!


Brenda B.

Marjorie said...

I tried posting this yesterday, but it never showed up. So I will try again. Here's an interview about Trudy the dog and her humans:

(Cut and paste)


--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

sorry for the mass mailing, but just arrived in TO and are overwhelmed by stuff 0 but wanted to thank you ALL for your kindness and caring. Especially about Michael. But also about the brutal telling.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate it and how much it means to me.

Thank you, Bobbie, Lil, Brenda and Marjorie - and everyone sending good wishes. thrilling, scary, exhilerating time!!