Monday, 14 September 2009

Starred Library Journal!!

Overcast, mild, temps 20

Quite a nice day. No rain, though we had some yesterday. Went off to the dentist this morning - then drove home. Met Michael in Sutton for lunch. Lovely to see him again. Then home. Great to be home again - even after so short a time away.

Arrived to wonderful news. THE BRUTAL TELLING has received a starred review from Library Journal. Here it is:

[star!!] Penny, Louise. The Brutal Telling.

Having won numerous mystery prizes, including the prestigious Arthur Ellis and Anthony awards for her debut, Still Life, Canadian author Penny has only gotten better with each succeeding novel. Her fifth in the series is the finest of all. Featuring series protagonist Chief Inspector Gamache, this literary mystery explores the ways in which sins of the past have a way of resurrecting themselves, wreaking havoc upon their perpetrators, and, unfortunately, the innocent. Thus, when a hermit is slain in the woods near an isolated village in rural Quebec, secrets surface, unmasking characters who have adopted benign personae to conceal their questionable past deeds. Fortunately, sagacious Gamache possesses the acumen to peel away the layers of deceit and to expose the truth. VERDICT This superb novel will appeal to readers who enjoy sophisticated literary mysteries in the tradition of Donna Leon.

And - almost as exciting - I arrived home to find Michael had re-organized my closet. Imagine that! We've decided, actually, to share closet space, so neither one of us has the best or the worst space. But I'd been meaning to organize my bits, and he knows it. So it was amazing to get back and he'd already done it.

Honestly, I really should go away more often. The most amazing things happen!

Have a roast in the oven - felt I should at least give him a decent meal - make sure he's happy to see me back! Brought a couple of pastries from Montreal to seal the deal!

Be well - talk to you tomorrow.


Karen said...

Hi Louise, I'm from the UK but presently living in the wilds of rural Spain!Have just discovered your first two books which I have devoured in as many days - fantastic stories really loved them both. Found your web site as looking to see if you had written any more and so pleased to see I have another two to get hold of, and a third up and coming - can't wait! Off onto Amazon now to see if I can get hold of the next two - I really miss access to a good book shop full of english words!! Reading in Spanishs is abit too much like homework. Keep the books coming . Best regards Karen Smith

Jeanine said...

Louise, you just keep piling up those fantastic reviews! And you have earned every one of them. :-)

I know Michael was ecstatic to have you back home. What a thoughtful and loving thing for him to have done by organizing the closets. What a sweetie!

Have a wonderful day.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Karen,

Welcome! And aren't you kind to write and be so supportive...thank you. I know what you mean about reading in a second language. That's how I feel about French. I can do it, and did it for work...but I read mostly for enjoyment I search out English books.
Thrilled you're enjoying the series.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jeanine,

Yes, he is a sweetie! And I know you put a smile on his sweet face when he read your comment. So he thinks the same of you!