Saturday, 12 September 2009

No, nothing to declare...except my stupidity.

mainly cloudy, mild, temps 18

Well, the sun keeps coming out, which is great for people getting married today, but the rest of us were really hoping for rain! After a July where it wouldn't stop we had an August where we got almost no rain...and September has been totally dry.

Far from a crisis yet - but the gardens are thirsty.

Plugging away on the novella. Almost 12,000 words, which is the limit. But nearing the end, and I know I can always take out quite a few words. It has been lots of fun.

Eleven days now until The Brutal Telling is released in the States! Cannot begin to tell you how excited I am by this book. Who knows if others will like it, but I know for sure it is the best book I could have written. That feels good.

Of course, it feels even better if hundreds of thousands of people agree. As you see, I dream big!

Off to Richford. A package has arrived at the Pinnacle hoping it's the bedside table I ordered. No, I am not planning on trying to smuggle it through the border. Even I am not quite that delusional. Or insane.

Must run - am off to Montreal tomorrow for an early dental appointment Monday morning. Michael staying behind with Trudy.

Will try to blog tomorrow. By the way, my friend John Moss has started a blog. He's a wonderful Canadian mystery writer. Don't know his blog address, but if you google him you'll be sure to find it. Lovely man. His wife Bev is also a friend...she's the one who pointed me to Pottery Barn and the bedside table. So if I'm arrested for smuggling (which I do NOT plan to try) I know who to blame. I certainly could not possibly ever be my fault.


Marjorie said...

Here is the link to cut and past for John's website. You can then click on "blog" on the top:

Today I went to the North Haven (CT) Fair and I took this photo of a goat just for Michael. I hope he likes it, Louise. Cut and paste this:

I also saw cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits and chickens. And I enjoyed the horse pull. The winning team was the first ever at the fair to pull 12,000 pounds over the line. I am a not a country gal, but I love watching the horse pull. I can't believe how big the horses are. Amazing.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Marjorie said...

If you can't get the link to work (is cuts off unless you mazimize the page) for the goat try to cut and paste this:


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Marjorie,

You're hilarious! Thank you. I'll be in Montreal tomorrow where we have high speed and will find the goat picture.

Aren't those huge horses amazing? Majestic.