Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Timbeeeeer! I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK...

mainly sunny, cool, temps 18

Sweater weather, but perfect autumn. Just a beuatiful fall day in Quebec. The maple tree outside our window has exploded in colour...reds and oranges...just stunning. We can see the trees changing colour on the mountains around us. It starts, of course, at the top where it's cooler, and creeps its way down. Very pretty, very seasonal.

I did some writing this morning, and worked a bit more on the article for the Sunday Telegraph, then Michael and I took Trudy out to the pond and we chopped down a bunch of trees that were blocking paths, and sight lines. These are weed trees that were also chocking out good, hardwood we cleared space around them. Also found some beautiful little spruce trees in there, and cleared around them.

Perfect fall work to do. Not too hot.

Then in to Sutton for lunch and more errands. We're heading off to Ontario, including the event at Eden Mills on Sunday. Will be staying with Michael's cousin Marjorie in Elora and she adores Quebec cheeses, so we went into the local cheese shop and picked out a selection.

Then home. I finally got back on the exercise machine...feels good, now that its done! And did a load of laundry. Now our suitcases are on the bed, ready to be packed. Happily we're taking the car so we don't need to think too much - just shove everything in. The big things to remember, though, are my tour schedule, so I don't forget a date, and our laptops. And each other.

Sad to leave home - but Pat and Tony are coming early tomorrow morning so we know it, and Trudy, are in good hands. Still, it is so beautiful around here this time of year. But it is also beautiful in Elora - and we hear Eden Mills is stunning.

then off to the Kingston Literary Fest on Thursday for an event I'm really looking forward to. I'm on a panel with the fabulous Howard Engel. He was really the first Canadian crime writers - certainly the first successful one. he wrote the Benny Cooperman books and there was a TV series. He's also a delightly, generous man. It's such an honour to share the stage with him. That's at 6:30 on Sept 24th at the Kingston, Ontario literary festival.

But the big event this week is going to Michael's eye doctor Friday morning to talk about the operation. I'm sure he'll have good news!

Will try to blog tomorrow. In the meantime, be well.


Brenda B. said...

Hello Louise and Michael,

You are right, autumn is spectacular in the northland, be it Quebec, Ontario or Maine.

Wishing you a safe and pleasurable trip, and positive news from the eye doc.

Best wishes, too, for next week's U.S. launch of The Brutal Telling.

Brenda B. in Maine

Marjorie said...

Just popping to say that I love a good Monty Python reference!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Kaye Barley said...

Sending good thoughts for you and Michael tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

Louise and Michae;

Prayers with you and for you.

Monty Python. Have not heard about them for a long time. Do you remember "Crunchy Frog" and the "Norwegian Blue Parrot"
He aint dead, he is just sleeping.
Bam, bam. Something to lighten up your day.

Anny R.

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Brenda,

Thank you! Overall good news from the doc - we're optomistic. And moved.

Thank you so much for your good wishes!

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Marjorie,

Ha - such fun you 'got' it!

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Kaye,

We took your good thoughts with us, and felt you and everyone there. It really does help! Thank you.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Anny,

Thank you!!! And we got your special package...what a handsome brother for Leo!

Thanks for your kindness...