Sunday, 13 September 2009

Lyn Hamilton

cloudy, some showers, temps 23

Am in Montreal now...easy drive in. Spent the morning working on the novella...and finished the first draft. It's almost 15,000 words, and is supposed to be 12,000 max. And am writing at a 3.6 grade average - and was hoping to be at 3.5 or below. But that's what editing is for.

Quite happy with the story so far. Very different, writing a short story. While I like the outcome I'm not sure the form is for me. Perhaps I'm just intimidated by it.

Had very sad news yesterday about the mystery writing colleague. Lyn Hamilton died of cancer. She was just past her 65th birthday. She kept her illness from everyone except close friends. I certainly had no idea. And saw her just a few months ago. She was supposed to be one of the Guests of Honour at Bloody Words next year.

She was not only a superb writer - her hero was Lara McClintock, an archeologist - she was also a wonderful mentor to emerging writers, and one of the most gracious people you'd want to meet.

I was really rocked by the news and can only imagine how people much closer to her are feeling.

Thought I would pass that along - and pay homage to a fine, fine person.

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