Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Are you SURE that's the football???

rainy, cold, temps 5

Glove weather! Wore cashmere turtleneck and sweater for the first time this season. Don't think we'll be using the swimming pool again this year! But we're keeping it open because the family is coming from all over Canada for our annual reunion next week and the place just looks more attractive with the pool in operation and not covered by a slimy leaf strewn net.

My brother Rob and his wife Audi are coming from Edmonton. He's the assistant deputy minister of the Environment in Albert. We're very, very proud of him. And amazed that a man who couldn't remember to flush a toilet is now in charge of the environment. Don't tell me there isn't karma.

My brother Doug, whom you've met, is also coming, with his three kids, Brian, Roslyn and Charlie. And probably their dog, Buttercup, the hound from hell. Actually, Buttercup is much better...calming down. Her one outstanding eccentricity is her ability to eat anything - then poop it back out. Most of the fun of a Penny family reunion is seeing what comes out of Buttercup. Be warned, in case you're thinking of marrying one of us.

As well, two of Michael's sons are coming down. Just ordered the turkey. had an interesting conversation with the butcher.

I wanted grain fed, free ranger, organic turkey. pretty much a turnip shapped like a turkey is what I wanted. He offered wild turkey.

Wild turkey?

Does someone shoot them, I asked. Because I don't approve of hunting.

He looked at me understandably sceptically. I'm quite selective in my killing. It must be organic and grainfed, but not wild. Because wild would be unethical.

My hypocrisies were showing.

We ended up compromising and I ordered a 15 pound grain fed, non-wild, turkey.

Really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Ours here in Canada is about a month earlier than in the States. Not at all sure why there's the difference, but there is. It's a wonderful time for walks in the country, or horseback riding, or football games by the pond. Or watching Buttercup poop the missing football.

We also plan to bake some apple pies - told Pat we'd bake one for her. She called back yesterday and offered to bake it herself. Hmmmm.

We're in Montreal - Michael has his operation tomorrow. Need to be at the hospital by 9am...operation at 12:30 - home by mid afternoon we hope. Then we have a 6:15 am appointment with the doctor for a checkup on Friday.

I took the call and kept repeating...6:15am??? That's 6:15 in the MORNING????


Will report to you tomorrow - without fail. I cannot express to you how much your support has meant, and does mean.

Thank you. Bless you.


Marjorie said...

Dear Louise,

It's all going to be just fine, once you get past all the waiting and the waiting and have I mentioned the waiting? Bring snacks. Bring reading material. Bring your sense of humor.

If good wishes count, then you are Michael are in very good hands tomorrow in every possible way.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

lil Gluckstern said...

Thank you for your kind words, and good luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. It sounds like you will have a ton of support, and that's great. About the turkey-I wouldn't call it hypocrisy. We are all a mass of contradictions--we wouldn't be any fun if we weren't.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Michael's way.

Brenda B. said...

Dear Michael and Louise,

Wishing you all the best as you approach this big day. We'll keep sending you positive, affirming energy tonight and throughout the day tomorrow.

You are an amazing pair, and deserve all the good that has been coming your way.

Looking forward to reading good news about the surgery on your blog soon.

Best to you,

Brenda B. and Diane,
your pals from Maine

Rebecca Rose said...

Dear Louise,

Will be keeping you and Michael in my thoughts today. You are an inspiring person and writer.

Best wishes,

Rebecca Rose

Beth said...

Thursday morning. I'm in a hotel room, far from home, thinking about Michael's surgery and wishing you both comfort and reassurance that all will be well. You're together, so in the big picture that is already true, right? (I am attending a funeral, so having many thoughts about "the big picture" and the great blessing of togetherness.)

Take good care of each other.

xxx Beth from Oregon (in Arizona)

Bruce Starling said...

You haven't said if the operation is FOR glaucoma or cataracts?!?!

If it is the latter, fear not...the operation is swift and the results are amazing.

Good luck Michael.

Sandra D said...


I'm sure he's going to be fine -- sending lucky and healthy wishes for a speedy and comfortable healing.

Let's really try to get together one of these visits -- isn't fall wonderful?
It must be stunning up on your little mountain.

lots of love from us over here,

Sandy and Sylvain

Marjorie said...


--Marjorie from Connecticut

Jeanine said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you constantly, and especially during Michaels surgery.

I was gladdened to read that you didn't want a wild turkey that had been killed by a hunter. :-)

Blessings upon Michael today.

Martha said...

This Georgia girl is saying prayers for Michael. For you too, Louise, because waiting is hard. Blessings to you both.


Sarah Penny said...

All the best to Uncle Michael!

Such a Shame I won't be able to make it to the reunion this year. It is so tempting to buy a last minute flight to be with you and rest of the family. Plus, someone needs to be there to pick on the little cousins!

Oh and I was at Costco the other day and saw a lady buying The Brutal Telling, and i smiled and thought to myself "YUP! thats my aunt"

Love Sarah

Louise Penny Author said...

Hello everyone,

Another group response I'm afraid! Just a little overwhelmed right now. We're home and Michael's doing great!!!

We are SO touched by your kindness, by your prayers. As Beth, far from home attending a funeral but still thinking of us, said - it is important to look at the big picture. And you have all helped us see that. How lucky we are. No matter what happens.

The doc is VERY optomistic. Will get early word tomorrow if he thinks he saved the eye. Will let you know!!

Bless you - thank you for the energy. I can feel it, and Michael can...and I suspect it helped guide the surgeon's steady hand.

Bev Stephans said...

We once had a dog that loved to eat the children's crayons. She pooped in technicolour!

Donna Kallies said...

Donna from Wisconsin (the book winner!)

Happy about Micahel and happy to see you ordered the free range turkey and don't like hunting! ha
Also-our dogs look alike-my yellow lab is Sadie Jane, and a couch sitter also.. (Brody Benjamin is our 1 yr.old newfie, and Maggie Ann is a black lab) Take care..lookig forward to the arrival of the book and I did see page 51 in People Magazine. How thrilling!!