Saturday, 20 December 2008

Maggie and the recession

mainly clear, crystals in the air, cold. minus 18

Amazing day. Brittle, brilliant. Gleaming day. Crunchy under foot. A day to freeze the nostril hairs and take your breath away. The air seemed to crystalize so that it sparkled. Off phenomenon. But beautiful.

I want to take a moment to tell you all how deeply grateful Michael and I are for your kindness, your thoughts, your support as we head toward Monday and the day Maggie has her leg amputated. We know it's the right thing. But it's hard. Made considerably earlier by the kindess of friends.

We went through a period a number of years ago when Michael's health was in question and I was so taken by how crucial kindness was. People calling to ask. People cutting articles out of the paper they thought we might like to read. Nothing, by outside measurements, immense. But inside this terrible world we suddenly found ourselves in those acts were anything but trivial.

I think people often run away from people in grief, or pain - for fear of either saying the wrong thing, or that too much will be asked or expected. they'll need you to cook dinner, or take them in, or do something extraordinary. But I know how amazing just a smile is. An arm squeezed. That small human contact. Far more important, I found, than any grand gesture could ever be.

So we're sustained by your kindness...and we know Maggie will be bouncing around before we know it. Who needs 4 legs anyway...really very greedy.

It's the new economy. Less is more.


hilary said...

It appears my original message last Thursday didn't post. I've been thinking about you and Maggie....hoping...not against hope, but that hope wont have to shift again Monday. You described that process perfectly. Here's hoping that all turns out for the best, and that the best gives you and Maggie more time together. Bless her little (big?)dish-lickin' lips -- and her golden heart.

DL said...

Thinking of Maggie and her people. My vet has told me that dogs have three legs and a spare.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Hilary,

Thank you so much! Have you been looking through our kitchen window? She sure does have a dish-lickin' heart. But then, so does her mother.

We do have every reason to hope. Thank you Hilary.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear DL,

Love it! Thanks for making me laugh!