Tuesday, 16 December 2008

One flu in the cuckoo's nest

mainly sunny, cold, temps minus 8

Been sick in bed for 2 days...flu I think - so much for having the shot! Started feeling queasy yesterday morning on our way to breakfast, but I thought that was just stress. It always hits me in the stomache. But as the day progressed (and we did chores all over town) I got to feeling more and more nauseus. Had to do some grocery shopping, including buying Michael his dinner...by then I knew I wouldn't be eating anything.

Now, if it's folly to grocery shop while hungry, it's even worse to do it when wanting to throw up.

Poor Michael. I came home with mince tarts, pannetone and broccoli. Then had a hot bath, crawled into bed. Took my temperature. 101. Within an hour it had climbed to 102. Spent the night trying not to throw up. I suspect Michael (after a dinner of broccoli and pannetone) probably did the same thing. But at sometime in the night the fever broke and the nausea disappeared.

Having been motion sick a few times in my life I think nausea is just about the worst thing. I kept thinking of my friends who've gone through chemo and thought if they can take it for months on end I can sure not whimper for one night.

Passed the time by planning my funeral. Very moving. You were all very sad. I did wonder what would happen to book 5 - THE BRUTAL TELLING...since it's still in the editing stage.

However, it appears (against all odds) I've survived. Still a little wiped...but had enough energy to get up for a few hours and do another 50 pages of editing. Happily I really do love this book so it didn't add to the desire to vomit.

Small snow storm on the way for tomorrow....10-15 centimeters expected. But what makes it a storm is really more the winds. I love storms, as long as we don;t have to go out in it.

Lise dropped by today and delivered 3 amazing, exhuberant gift baskets she'd made. chocolates, truffles, cookies, pickles...one is a gift for us and 2 we ordered to give to friends. One to Lucy and Danny at the Brome Lake Books, and the other to neighbors Guy and Nicole. I'll tell you, Lise is the MOST amazing woman. Her talent is matched (and perhaps exceeded) by her generosity.

Talk tomorrow...be well. I won't kiss you.

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