Sunday, 21 December 2008

Happy Winter, Happy Hanukah

blizzard, high winds, temps minus 10

Happy Winter Solstice. Happy shortest day of the year, Happy Hanukah!

We were expecting to be walloped by a terrible blizzard, and at about 10 this morning the snow started, the wind picked up and Michael ran outside to his car to go into the village to pick up salmon, so he could make his world famous gravlax. (we tried to get it last night but by the time the party was over the IGA was packing up - fish counter closed). So he hot-footed it out to Sutton.

I cleaned up the breakfast things, brought wood up from the basement, ran water in the tub in case we lost power...then lit the fire and started my days editing.

Michael blew in an hour later - laden with salmon, clever lad. So the gravlax is fermenting, or whatever it does...but have to say, it's yummy! Basically it's like smoked salmon, only actually sort of 'cooked' in salt and dill over three days. I think I just made that sound disgusting. But it's great.

Doing lamb for tonight.

the storm seems to have died down. Bit of a shame...not quite the howler we were hoping for.

Maggie's bouncing around...tomorrow's the big day. As it nears we're more and more confident in our decision. We think she'll sail right through. Kirk and Walter, bless them, invited us for Christmas Eve dinner, but Maggie will have just gotten back so we had to take a pass, though we might drop in for half an hour, with a plate of gravlax (and to see their new kitchen! - always a snoop)

THE MURDER STONE climbed back up the bestsellers list this week. Number 5. Always great for the week before Christmas.

Tomorrow, we start collecting names for the big draw! Thanks to St. Martin's Minotaur (US publishers) we're giving away 10 signed copies of A RULE AGAINST MURDER. This is to promote the launch of the book January 20th in the US.

Tell your friends, tell strangers. Order early since I know here in Canada there are no more hardcovers and I know they're selling fast in pre-orders in the States. If you want to enter the draw you need to go to the Home Page of my website and click on the icon. Good luck!

Thank you again for all your kind wishes, and wonderful stories about 3-legged pets. Honestly, I think I prefer them now. Trudy had better not stand still long.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. In the meantime ---

Happy Winter Solstice, Happy shortest day, Happy Hanukah!


Jovanna said...

We will be sending powerful positive thoughts for Maggie's recovery. I'm sure all faithful readers of this blog will be checking here throughout the day Monday and looking forward to good news!

Peace to you and your family,

Bobbie said...

Louise, you and Michael and Maggie have my HUGE best wishes for Monday. It's very tough to make a decision like this for someone you love, and I know you love her...and again, Very Best Wishes.

I still think about such a short sentence you said after we met in Muncie Indiana and which you said on a panel there, that has stuck with me and helped me go on, so many times--and it was already my own thought yet so few understand, and then you touched me when you said it...Be Kind. You are so kind, and caring--and seems like it's unique any more, to Be Kind. And there aren't enough like you in this world...sadly. That said, Louise, you are in my heart on Monday.

Very Best To You And Yours Louise,

frouch said...

Dear Louise,

You will be in my thoughts tomorrow, you, Michael and Maggie, and I wish that soon she will be able to happily continue her pre-wash job in the dishwasher...

With tons of love,
Louise XXX

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jovanna, Bobbie and Frouch,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can feel your energy and your prayers...and they have helped so much. You know, as we were driving there this morning, through the snow, I thought about all the good, loving kindness coming out way.

And I felt very lucky. And I knew that whatever happened, it was no longer up to us.

And now, if you've read today's blog as I expect you have - we had the BEST news. Maggie's done beautifully and we're just off in a few minutes to pick her up!

But I really am so grateful for your thoughtfulness and kindness, and the thoughts of so many people who didn't write, but were thinking of us.

Michael also says thank you!