Thursday, 11 December 2008


cloudy, snow forecast, temps minus 3

Stayed in Montreal last night. The snow had stopped (Montreal had about 30 centimetres) but it was dark by the time the train arrived and rush hour...and I thought...well this is why we've kept an apartment in the city. So I chatted with Michael a couple of time, walked to the store for dinner. Didn't feel like ordering pizza (I might be dying)...but at the store all I felt like was fruit so got two small buckets of sliced mangos and some yoghurt.

As soon as I got home I smelled someone cooking steak. And looked down at my pathetic pile of fruit. Had I really forgotten I'm a carnivore? Of course then all I craved all night, as I ate the mango, was red meat.

Michael and I are trying to do one day a week vegetarian. To save the planet and our waistlines. Its an imperfect effort. And result.

Had lunch today in Sutton with our friend Cotton. Just ran into her coming out of the bakery, and Michael was at the post office - so we all met up at the tea room for lunch. Always fun when that happens.

Lovely to be home - with Michael and the girls. And heaven to know we aren't going anywhere for a month...until A RULE AGAINST MURDER comes out January 20th in the US. I'll be going to Phoenix for a couple of days just then. Then off to Quebec City for a month to research the next book.

But for now - we're home. Bring on the blizzards. We have hot chocolate, christmas cake, duck tortiere (today is NOT the vegetarian day) and clementines. And each other.


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