Tuesday, 23 December 2008

More Maggie all the time...

sunny, cold, temps minus 10

Beautiful day after the storms of the past 2 days. Linda Lyall, who manages and has designed my website and lives in Scotland wrote to say Quebec made the BBC newscasts because of the terrible storms. We, however, loved them.

A maggie update - she's doing brilliantly. Michael and I are exhausted. Like with all stress we didn't appreciate the weight until it was gone. We all had a bit of a stressful night. Maggie's adjusted amazingly to life without that leg...though she was groggy and kinda drunk and we had to lift her up[ the stairs of course. But she actually ate her dinner.

We got up every few hours last night, making sure she was OK. It would be horrible for her to survive the operation but be killed by our incompetence. Odd, but looking at the wound and the spot where a leg used to be doesn't bother or upset us at all. Nor does it seem to upset her. As many of you wrote in, your own pets had the same experience. Don't I wish I could be as accepting and adaptable.

Maggie spent the day in the kitchen, so we did too for the most part. Or in the dining room wrapping the last of the gifts. I'm the world's worst wrapper. No patience. I just slap the paper on, tape it, fold, tape. Done. No finesse. Not even an attempt at aesthetics.

the good thing about Maggie in the kitchen is I got almost all the Christmas cooking done. Hard suace. Cranberry sauce. Sweet potato casserole, regular mashed potatoes. Tomorrow Jim and Sharon are coming for Christmas Eve dinner of tortiere and mashed potatoes, and chocolate fondue with fresh fruit.

Did another 80 pages of editing...am at page 430 of a 520 page manuscript. Might even finish this edit of THE BRUTAL TELLING before Christmas. Wouldn't that be great?

Snow, freezing rain and rain expected tomorrow. Safe travels. Oh, speaking of travels I had the most hilarious email from two guys who've become email friends. Donald and Ray, who live in Kansas City and are known as The Gay Travelers. They write columns for gay publications about all their travels. They wrote a lovely note of sympathy about Maggie and some very funny travel experience about a woman whose son Buddy spent 2 days trying to get home this past weekend. It was really only funny because I realized he'd made it just fine.

But if you're traveling, please be careful. Be prudent. Be sober. Be alive to celebrate this wonderful season. Will talk tomorrow.


Jovanna said...

This is wonderful news. If Maggie's recovery is similar to Nanny's, I think you will find that, as far as longterm limitations go, her only real challenge will be her "reverse gear". As long as Nanny is going forward, all is well. Going backwards seems to involve a more awkward "hopping" motion, but she still gets where she wants to go. We went so far as to install a ramp to the bed so she could come and go as she pleased. I don't think she has ever used it. Our tubby Rottweiler, however, thinks it was a great addition.

Happy Holidays to you, Michael and your babies,

Cece said...

That is wonderful news-a true Christmas blessing. Enjoy the holiday and the time with family, friends, and Maggie.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jovanna,

You make me laugh everytime. From one side Maggie looks like nothing's been done. From the other she looks like a Christmas turkey...all pink and trussed and shaved.

We try not to allow the dogs on the bed since they take up so much space, and then wrestle. But it's very hard when faced with their plaintive eyes every morning, staring at us at eye level.

Happy holidays, and thanks for your support. Thrilled to hear of Nanny's prowess.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Cece,

What a lovely person you are...you've been with me from the beginning, and always so supportive. I hope you have the most wonderful holiday. Filled with joy.

thank you for your powerful thoughts.