Friday, 26 December 2008

It's Doug's fault...

overcast, cool, temps minus 5

Lovely, restful day. Boiled up the turkey bones last night and finished the job this morning so that by noon the aroma of home-made turkey soup filled the home. I think that's about my favorite holiday thing - the smells of cooking. Especially coming in from outside - all cold. And smelling homemade soup.

We had that for lunch, sitting by the fire.

Jim and Sharon came by after noon to say goodbye. And drop off the bed linen and towels. So we have a big load in, ready for our next guests to arrive tomorrow. Though, while Sharon and Jim can hardly be considered guests, our next set definitely aren't.

It's my brother Doug, his oldest son Brian (13) and his best friend Theo. They'll be staying at the guest cottage until the kids get bored and want to go home, which might be a day or a week or more. The kids love to ski and are looking forward to it, but unfortunately after all our snowstorms it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Sunday! Yech.

It's a wonderful practice - watching my stress level rise depending on the weather. And then needing to remind myself that a) I didn't cause it. b) it's not my fault (always crucial) c) it's actually Doug's fault d) worry will change nothing e) it's still Doug's fault

Don't you find Boxing Day just the most restful? No visitors? No place to go. Just puttering. And in this case finishing the revision of THE BRUTAL TELLING. The last 20 pages are always the most challenging (it's Doug's fault) because it's the explanation...which apparently should make sense.

So I'll re-read tomorrow what I did today and see if it's an improvement.

and if you read THE BRUTAL TELLING and hate the end, what do you need to remember?

Everybody's Doug's fault.

Off for breakfast with Joan tomorrow, then food shopping...God knows what we'll have for dinner. For now I'm headed to a bubble bath.


frouch said...

Hello Louise,

Brothers, brothers, brothers... Finally, after so many years stuck with them, they become useful. About time, don't you think?


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Louise,

Well put!