Monday, 22 December 2008

Maggie's great! Yay!

snow, blowing snow, temps minus 9

Just heard from the Vet...Maggie sailed through the operation and is doing really well!! Oh, what a relief.

Thank you for all your thoughts.

And, we get to pick her up in a couple of hours and bring her (or, as my brother says, most of her) home! We're both thrilled and leery. We know for sure she'll be far more comfortable and happy at home. But will we kill her? This will clearly demand good sense and judgement - from the woman who just recently tried to flush a whole pot roast down the toilet.

Doug, my brother, wrote this morning wishing us luck and saying he and his dog Buttercup said prayers for Maggie before breakfast - though he wasn't sure if BC's prayers weren't for him to friggin hurry up and put down the food bowl.

Can't quite believe that they amputate a leg in the morning and she'll be home in time for dinner. But more than anything, we're relieved.

We set the alarm for 6:30 this morning. It was still dark, but Trudy was all excited. I looked outside and could see a dark figure outside, against the snow. It was Tony. He'd come up to dig us out from all the snow that fell overnight, so we could get Maggie to the vet for her 8am appointment.

Imagine doing that? He was out of bed before we were on a blizzardy morning, shoveling.

I'll tell you, even by country standards Pat and Tony are remarkable. Angels, really. We try to keep up with them in terms of kindnesses, but we're so far behind even Tony couldn't dig us out.

We got to the vets in time, going very slowly along the snow-clogged, white-out roads. Michael took a picture of Maggie outside the vets, just in case. And we were fine until we had to say goodbye and they led her away. As soon as the door closed I started to cry. Happily it wasn't my normal slobber - but neither could I pretend I had something in my eye. Except a bit of grief.

Anyway, now we all get to heal.

Did loads of wrapping today, and will make hard sauce and cranberry sauce tomorrow, then the sweet potato casserole the next day.

This is a celebration. Be well, and will report in tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyy so happy to hear the wonderful news!! I was sure Maggie would make it as she wasn't ready to leave such loving parents and little sister. Now may the healing and celebrations begin! Please pet her for me.

Much Love,

Jovanna said...

I'm delighted to see this good news! I just knew that Maggie would be fine. Now we will pray for her speedy recovery.


Melody G said...

ahhh, great news about Maggie - a delightful gift for the holidays - and what better way for a dog to heal, by the fire with doting 'parents'(and maybe a wee swipe at that hard sauce...)

Bobbie said...

Whee!!! So glad to hear that Maggie made it okay! And agree with the words about healing, being home with love does help healing so much...and not just Maggie, but all of you.

Enjoy time with Maggie, you two; and thanks for keeping us in this loop during this hard time, Louise. You're the best.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hello Everyone,

Whee indeed. Celebrating not just Maggie and her remarkable recovery, but all your good wishes, your kindness, your good advice and humour. Your support.

Love carried the day.

Thank you so much, Janet, Jovanne, Melody G, Bobby and everyone else who read the blog these past few painful days and thought about us.

We can feel it.

Happy, happy holidays.