Wednesday, 3 December 2008

More love, less spending

partly cloudy, temps 2

Michael's off at the dentist and we've packed up ready to go back to the country. Funny, but I feel a bit conflicted. I really miss home, and the puppies and the friends. But I don't miss what feels like the press of everyday life - of needs. Mail to be opened, responded to, phone calls to return, all sorts of invitations. So muich better to have them than not - my feelings get quite hurt if I feel left out. But at the same time, just to be contrary, I feel stressed about social engagements and really just want to lock the door, close the curtains, draw a bath, play with the puppies and not have to be sociable.

But I also know that once home I'll feel much better.

Have absolutely nothing planned for tomorrow - except laundry. Need to remember the radio interview this afternoon.

Oh, and fabulous news!!!! Sarah Melnyk, my publicist at St Martin's Minotaur in the US wrote yesterday to say A RULE AGAINST MURDER had received a starred review in Library Journal! There are 4 big journals that do literary reviews before a book is published in the states. Libary Journal, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly and Booklist. To be reviewed in any one of them is really the goal since they're innundated with books and can't possibly review them all. And clearly a starred review is spectacular and rare.

Bookstores and libaries rely on these journals to decide which books to order and promote, since they can't read all the books either.

So this is especially good news.

As well, the large print rights to THE MURDER STONE were sold at auction in London yesterday. All the books have been published in large print, for people with difficulty seeing regular print, but this is the first time there's been an auction - which means two publishing houses were bidding against each other. That feels good.

Michael and I have been discussing selling one of our cars since for the most part we do everything together anyway. Given both the economy and the environment, it seems to make sense. The only problem is when I need to travel that would leave Michael alone in the country without a car.

We have more discussing to do. It's really more a psychological issue since friends would be happy to drive him into the village, or we can stock up for the day or two I'll be away. But it's not comfortable feeling isolated like that. We might get a little car to just scoot around in as a second car. I looked at Mini Coopers on the web and thought they looked fabulous - but do you see the price? 31,000 dollars for a car that fits in my purse?


More talking and more searching. And like everyone else - less spending. Heard a wonderful phrase on the Today Show this morning. More love, less spending. Makes sense to me. Spend time with people instead of giving gifts. And maybe choose to give gifts to people really in need, instead of Michael giving me one more thing. I like that idea.

Enough babble. We've ordere a couple of pizzas to take down to the country to Tony and Pat - to thank them for looking after Maggie and Trudy. As soon as they arrive and Michael calls, we're heading home.

Be well - will talk tomorrow.


sherry smyth said...

Having just discovered your work, and now your blog, I wanted to take a moment to say "thank you". I thoroughly enjoy what you write -- there is an ease and flow that keeps me reading, even past the "last chapter for the night"...this happens rarely to me, but when it does, I realize what a gift I have found.

Your characters are warm and whole -- they come across as very real and not just as names on the page.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and looking forward to more of your work.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Sherry,

How kind you are! Thank you. And I know how you feel, I feel the same way about some authors so I know what a very great compliment you have given me.

Welcome too, to this community on the blog!

Happy holidays to you.