Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Back to Montreal

cloudy, mild

Had a great time at Casa Loma last night. forgot to mention another mystery writer who was there and read from his first mystery - though he's written many other books. John Moss. His book is called Still Waters.

Casa Loma was beautifully decorated for the holidays - Christmas lights and a massive tree in the huge hall. Lovely.

Came back to the hotel, called Michael, read and went to sleep. Breakfast arrived about half an hour ago and now I have to run downstairs and grab a cab to the train station...heading back to Montreal. We'll see what the roads are like for the drive down.

We're nearing the shortest day...night fall comes early. It's dark by 4pm - and dusk by 3pm. And the sun doesn't rise before 7:30 pr 8am.

I'll write more tomorrow. Be well.

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