Saturday, 13 December 2008

The crystal palace

brilliant sunshine, brutally cold. Minus 18

Another stunning day, but totally different than yesterday. We had another 4-6 inches overnight so there's about a foot of fluffy new snow. So white and undisturbed. And with the sun bouncing off it its like a field of diamonds.

We have a glass solarium attached to our country kitchen - I think I've described this before. When we're sitting in it it feels as though we're outside. Particularly spectacular during storms. But this morning it was even more magical. The snow on top had partially melted and encased half the glass in ice. That alone is beautiful. But when the sun strikes it it becomes like a prism. And through that prism of light and colour we can see the yard...the birdfeeders piles high with snow, the pine boughs and white fences and stone walls all coverred. And in the background sky. Perfect blue sky.

I could stare at it all day.

Lise dropped in around 9am...she had tea and we had our coffees. She brought gummi bears and home-made date squares. Does it get better than that? We chatted and I told her how much people are loving the Christmas ornaments she made. Showed her the emails and told her about the other reactions. I know how much she appreciates what you say.

Thank you, from her and me.

Hoping to decorate the tree and the house today. Going out for dinner tonight with a couple of friends - David and Lili. Then back in to some more polishing on book 5. It never actually ends!

Hope you're well...and don't forget to enter the draw for the signed copies of A FATAL GRACE! This contest ends Monday - but then a new one begins...for signed copies of THE CRUELEST MONTH. But you need to sign up for the newsletter. You can find the info on the website homepage.

Enjoy the day.

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