Friday, 19 December 2008

Michael's Book!

overcast, very cold, temps minus 18

Ok, not very cold compared to my brother and his family in Edmonton...minus 29. I remember living for a couple of years in Winnipeg (LOVED it) and it got so cold the tires froze square. The car seats felt like concrete. I remember crying in the car it was so cold.

Now that I've remembered that today here actually seems downright warm!

Did another 50 pages of the manuscript. I've found that perseverence, perhaps even more than creativity, is what matters as a writer. Head down. Keep going. Don't even think about quitting.

Had a wonderful day at home...sat by the fire and did nothing but edit.

Maggie's doing all right - no worse, which at this stage is a blessing. Michael called the vet and confirmed the amputation. We're to take her in Monday at 8am. By now we can hardly wait, since the leg is clearly bothering her.

Off for breakfast in Knowlton at Chez Guy with Cheryl...then having coffee tomorrow afternoon with another friend, in Sutton - Janet. Then off to a Christmas party tomorrow night. That gives me 3 hours, I figure, to edit tomorrow. Hope to do my 50 pages...but will do my best. My goal is to finish this edit (there will be many more) by Christmas.

Had a wonderful delivery yesterday. The FedEx left a book. Michael's book!!!! the one he wrote. Well, helped to write. He contributed a chapter in the medical text book: HEMATOLOGY OF INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD

Yay Michael!!!

Must go - dinner's ready. Speak tomorrow.

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