Saturday, 6 December 2008

Or, maybe that was Michael's stash....

cloudy, damp, chilly, temps at freezing

Just came home after having breakfast with Joan in Sutton and running some errands and found 4 deer in the field, including a baby. They didn't seem at all bothered by us, but we waited to walk the dogs until the deer had disappeared. Even then Maggie and especially Trudy picked up their scent and hared off after them. No hope of ever catching a deer, of course - besides, they were long gone.

The dogs then ate what the deer had left behind. Disgusting. I hate to tell you the things those dogs will eat. And then, when we go to buy dog food the person always asks whether they prefer lamb or chicken. Honestly, they'd really prefer lamb or chicken poop. These are not choosy animals.

Had a hilarious time yesterday with the marvelous Nancy - who rescues our computers at least twice a month. This time both computers and both printers, and the blackberry were malfunctioning. After a time she solved the computer problems and turned her considerable attention to the printer. Mine, she discovered, needed to be plugged in. And Michael's was slightly more complex...his had sunflower seeds inside.

Seems while we were in Paris the mice had work to do and were either printing, faxing or copying. They'd left a stash of seeds there. Can you believe it? We can't figure out how they (or it) got into the printer, but they can squeeze through the tiniest crack. So Nancy dumped the seeds out and now the printer is ours again - but there's going to be one pissed off mouse in a few weeks when it saunters in looking for dinner. As Nancy said, it could have been worse. Could have been a bear in there.

Had great news this week - A RULE AGAINST MURDER got another starred review. This one from Booklist! Here's a quote...

“Readers who haven’t discovered Louise Penny and her Armand Gamache series yet are in for a treat….Not only are we treated to Penny’s usual rich characterizations, but the atmospheric and beautiful language will make you want to take your next vacation at the manoir….One of the best traditional mystery series currently being published.”

So that's three starred reviews - Kirkus, Library Journal and Booklist, and a rave from Publishers Weekly. I want to remind those of you in the US that the book goes on sale January 20th - co-incidental with the inauguration of Barack Obama. Hope he doesn't mind being over-shadowed.

Just a reminder too that the newsletter draws are nearing...we'll be holding it tomorrow for the Three Pines Christmas ornaments, and later in the week for the free copies of A Fatal Grace. All you have to do for the books is sign up for my newsletter.

Must head off - Monsieur Charbonneau, the chimney sweep is arriving any minute now (he actually wears a tophat), and then we're heading to the guest house for dinner with Mike and Dom. We're providing the dessert, which of course Laurent in Sutton is actually making. It's a yummy custardy-tarty thing he called F and B - which stands for framboise et Bleuet...Raspberries and Blueberries.

As you see our intolerable life staggers on. Talk tomorrow. Hope you're well.

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