Sunday, 14 December 2008

Local politics

Cloudy, windy, milder. temps minus 3

It's a dull day, outside. But lovely inside. Tree is up and decorated, as is the house. We don't go overboard - just a few small things. Wreath on the door. Santa sleigh on the roof. (kidding).

Today I editing about 60 pages of THE BRUTAL TELLING while listening to Christmas carols in front of the fire, with the tree lights on. Somehow, it doesn't feel like work. Now am off to a bath. Michael and I had a terrific dinner last night at the bistro in Sutton with David and Lili. Steak frites. Can't go wrong. We talk a lot of politics...US, Canada, Quebec, and local. biggest thing in our lives is this massive, horrible gas station and convenience store in the middle of town. It's so tall it actually blocks out the view of the ski mountain. 16-hundred people signed a petition (organized by city hall) to stop construction...and city hall ignored it and allowed the building anyway. Sound familiar.

So we're boycotting it. If you come to Sutton, please get gas somewhere else. And please use the tiny convenience store down the street...the one in danger of going under because of the gas company store.

Honestly. The service station used to be a real delight. Privately owned, it hired young men and women - kids really. Often their first jobs. They'd pump the gas...and older people would come from miles away because they didn't have to get out of the car on cold, rainy, snowy days. And the kids were so bubbly and nice.

The first thing the new owner did was fire the kids, make it self-serve, then ignore the wishes of the population and expand.

Here ends the rant.

We're off for breakfast in cowansville tomorrow - and hoping to take Maggie to the vet. And do more editing. As you see, it's quite a long process, this writing of books.

Talk tomorrow


frouch said...

I have no doubt about how long it takes to write a book, from the little idea in your head to the final step. In my wildest dream, one day I'll even be able to just tell you "Oh yeah, I KNOW".

I have a lot of respect for your perseverance, your talent, your kindness. And gratitude too, because it feel so good to spend some time in your "Three Pines" village...

Take care!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Frouch,

Thanks for the encouragement!