Monday, 21 July 2008

Was that a raspberry I heard?

sunny, then thunder storms, temps 25

Great day until just now when storms have rolled in. Went to exercise...I always find it surprising when I actually go. It's twice a week for an hour. Stretch and strength. So far Michael and I haven't missed a single one.

Still adoring the editing. Had a funny moment this afternoon - had been editing for a few hours and came to the end of a chapter...or at least about 3 lines from the end - and it just didn't work. I took some stuff out and had these two lines floating at the end... I needed to find just one sentence to knit them to the rest of the chapter. But I couldn't think of what to put in.

I must have stared at the page, tried different things, went back and re-read... for an hour. I was so close to finishing for the day - and just couldn't make it that last few words. Like my recurring nightmare where I need to run, but can't.

Anyway, I finally realized what I needed to do, and it got done. But, must say, it wasn't upsetting or scary...I knew I'd find it.

After reading Saturday's post Lise wrote this email to me:

Hi Louise!

Boy book 5 is going to be a whopper, so far you've tried to poison the gardener and now you have also tried to kill the carpenter. What is it with you? At least we lived to tell the tale.

Take care

She has no idea what eeevyl plans I have yet to hatch.

heard from the Globe and Mail - they liked the column on 'Romantic Love' - we're pinning down events in Montreal for the launch of THE MURDER STONE, trying to arrange a half-day photo shoot for a magazine, and heard today from Bravo! that they want to shoot a TV interview here for a show called Writer's Confessions. (and I haven't even managed to do in Lise or Gary yet - must hurry or I'll have nothing to confess).

I spend about 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day replying to readers who are kind enough to write in, juggling interview requests and personal appearance requests...and odds and ends from the publishers. If I ever lost my agenda I'd explode. Now, if anyone's ever trying to kill me, that would be a good start. Hide my agenda. of course, I'd take a lot of people down with me.

Tomorrow we're off to Cowansville for breakfast, then looking for a sofabed and new TV... have figured out how to get the Sutton office (which we're closing) into our home. Turn a tiny bedroom into a TV room (with sofabed) and turn the current TV room into my study.

Gaarrryyyy!!!!! Time to get off that cot in the basement and do more woooorrk! Should probably take the chain off his leg.

Had a capuccino and breakfast cereal for lunch - then Michael and I and the dogs went out raspberry hunting. Found a ton. Ate half and put half in a bowl for tonights dinner (dessert).

Speak to you tomorrow.

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