Friday, 25 July 2008


mainly sunny, warm, temps 27

Finally! A gorgeous day. Went for beakfast in Knowlton. Took Danny in the bookstore a raspberry muffin. Headed home in time to bother Gary and John doing the renovations. We've decided to go with Michael's suggestion and put in an electric heater in that guest bedroom upstairs. We hardly use it anyway - prefering to put our guests in a separate cottage. Sometimes we prefer it they were in a separate country.

We keep meaning to ask Gary about solar panels. We think it's time to seriously investigate that. I can't imagine why we aren't all doing it, given the environment and the economy. Thought I might find out soon. They probably cost a fortune.

We've watched oil go up and up in cost - as everyone has. My big concern about that is, quite naturally, what it'll mean for the price of gummy bears, which are after all, an edible oil product. As am I, by now.

In fact, Michael and I now have a nice little Plan B, in case our home should ever run out of oil, or the car run dry...just hook up my thighs. I'm good for days. Of course, once I die I'll be considered a toxic hazard. Non-biodegradable. On the plus side, I guess that means I'll live forever.

Worked for a few hours today, editing book 5. Hit an awkward section. One of those horrible places, where I love the theme of the chapter - but I suspect it's not necessary. Am struggling toward the inevitable decision to cut it. Oh well. I can always use this idea in a later book. It really does become clearer what the themes are that belong, and those that are just dressing...and as the book goes on I want/need less dressing. I want it to become more and more streamline - like a sword. I want the book to race, in the final third, toward the pointy end.

My friend Pat called from ottawa at 1:30 - planning to leave there about 2:30. That means she'll arrive here about 6:30 or 7.

she has a German Shepherd named Magic, who she said is 'less aggressive' with other dogs if the other dogs aren't on a leash. My plan was to introduce Maggie and Trudy (on leashes)one and at time to Magic - so there's some control.

Oh oh. I think what I find most disconcerting is her use of the word, 'less'.

So now we have collars on the dogs at least, and will let Maggie meet Magic first. Give Michael a golf club, in case.

Wish us luck.

Barbecued confit du canard for dinner, with grilled portobello mushrooms and wildrice salad. Tarte Tatin and Coaticook ice cream for dessert. With fresh baguette (bought warm this afternoon) and cheeses.

Be well, and I'll try to report in tomorrow.


Lesa said...

You're worried about the cost of gummi bears! Oh, I love it, Louise. Next time you come back to Phoenix, I'm going to have to remember the gummi bears.

Good luck with the dogs.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lesa,

Lovely woman. Gummi's are my mortal enemies and my good friends. They probably feel the same about me.

Hope to get to Phoenix before too long - great city.

Dogs are all happy - turns out the killer shepherd is a sweet poodle.