Saturday, 5 July 2008

Happy Birthday, Gary!!!

sunny, stunningly beautiful day, temps 28

This is a picture perfect day - and the day our good friend Gary turns 50! Cheryl, one of my best friends, organized a huge party for him at their place (such courage - or perhaps it was foolishness - but she's young, not yet 50) So she's been cooking, cleaning, organizing for weeks. They have 2 almost grown sons so you can image how much use they were. Fortunately sanity prevailed and Cheryl allowed some of us to bring things. Michael and I brought a bulgar and lentil salad.

We were all watching the forecase for today. Normally with these things the weather turns foul. Unbelievably the forecast started out bad, but as the week progressed it got better and better, and today was simply the best day of the summer so far.

People came from all over. Gary's brother Glen from Calgary and his father Pete from Vancouver (a surprise for Gary). And we let Gary out of the basement, just for today.

There was badminton, a swimming pool, trampoline, music, fantastic food, two barbecues.

His lovely mother, Joan, had spent about a month going over all her old photos and putting together an album of his life. it was deeply moving. To see a good man's life condensed like that. His childhood, his wedding to Cheryl (who is gorgeous and I hated her the first time I saw her...imagine that. Happily I'm much more evolved these days), the birth of his two children, Evan and Sam. His parents. And it was strange and impressive, to see him age so quickly. In a matter of moments we watched as he went from newborn to 50 year old.

It re-enforced how quickly life really does go by. How really very fleeting it is, for all of us. But also how lovely it can be, and is.

We had a great time at the party, then had to rush away to our regular Saturday night event. And there my friend Janet brought flowers for my 50th birthday, and gummies and a gift certificate for the Station in Cowansville, where she knows Michael and I go for breakfast every Tuesday.

Ain't friends grand?

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