Thursday, 17 July 2008

Ezprezzo countdown

sunny, hot, beautiful, temps 29

wonderful day - went exercising this morning. Very hard. I find some days I feel stronger than others. Especially those torturous leg lifts and bicycles. Ugh.

Pina - our neighbor/exercise instructor - is also an artist who's on the Tour Des Arts and now an actor. She and two other women have written a play called Three Old Bags. They workshopped it last year and this year they've had HUGE success. They were at the Montreal Fringe Festival and sold out one of the biggest theatres in the Townships, in North Hatley. they're putting on shows during the Tour as well. I thought she'd be a great profile for MORE magazine, so I'm going to pitch her to them. We'll see. Hoping to get to the show tomorrow night.

From exercise we did our shopping - the pharmacy's moved into the biggest building in Sutton - drugs, drugs, drugs galore. This is a great community. Drugs, and condoms.

Got home in time for a swim, and Wayne mowing the lawn.

Then put in 4 hours work. Didn't get as far with the editing as I'd hoped. Seems the 's' key has really given up now. So after pounding away at it I grew weary and frustrated. Then decided to substitute the 's' for 'z'...zo now wordz are zpelled ztrangely. Must say, it cuts down on the creativity when I have to do that.

Michael thinks it's a riot...says I've bagged so many zzz's in my life, at least now I have a use for them. har, har. Nice thing is I realize none of the main characters has an 's' in their name, except Lacozte.

Perhaps it's time for a new laptop. Was hoping to get through this book. We actually have one in the office I could use, but I find it's tempermental - skips lines and I don't realize it so that I'm writing happily away and it doesn't make sense. Oh well. probably better than the 'z' solution.

Espresso maker supposed to arrive tomorrow! Then everything will be right with the world.

Speak tomorrow.


Hilary said...

Dear Louise,

My theory (and I did take physics for one entire semester in high school, so I know whereof I speak, maybe) is that leg lifts are difficult for you simply because -- at six feet -- your legs are very long. Your effort is greater. Your virtue, therefore, is more. Quite possibly exemplary.

Keep lifting.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Professor Hilary,

You are kind, and brilliant. Though perhaps your formula didn't take into account another factor. The gummy bears I'm hauling up with every lift.

Thank you for not mentioning that.

I will continue to lift away.