Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Canada Day!

mixed, mild, temps 25

Happy Canada Day! July first is celebrated here as Canada's birthday. 1867 was our official confederation - though many consider the battle of the Somme our actual birthday.

As you might know, because I've been telling you, this is my 50th birthday! And we're off to Hovey Manor to celebrate. Will be there until Friday and probably won't blog while there. Won't be taking my laptop either - though I will have my notebook. Can't actually walk without it. Not sure if it's a miracle or a crutch.

It's funny, but turning 50 feels - just kind of normal. I'm certainly not upset at all. It helps to be married to a man who I know loves me no matter what my body, or even my mind, decides to do. That's a relief.

Joan, Cheryl and Gary are taking us out to lunch today. Gary (who takes all the photo's of me you see and is a gifted photographer, and a great contractor too - he built our new bedroom and bathroom) is turning 50 on Saturday! Cheryl's throwing him a huge party!!! Not a surprise, anymore. And while I generally dislike parties, this one I'm looking forward to.

Must run. Doug and the kids left at 4am. That's not a typo. So we've been busy righting the furniture and doing dishes and laundry. Hovey really will be bliss.

Be well - and as I look back on my life I can't quite believe I'm happier at 50 than at any other time in my life. And an element of that I cherish are the books, and your very generous support of them. That makes me feel wonderful, deep down. Thank you.


Elizabeth said...

Many happy returns! I hope it's as beautiful there as here. Sunny, warm, but not too hot. The Snowbirds have just gone over our house as part of their flyover of Parliament Hill. I was outside painting furniture and it felt as though they were going to clip the top of the trees. Their shadows flickered right over me but by the time I looked up, all I could see was their exhaust tails. Enjoy Hovey Manor. My grandparents used to go there eons ago. Granny's ancestors were from the Townships--her grandfather, Sir Melbourne Tait, was the Chief Justice of Quebec. She spent many summers in the Cowansville area and felt attached to your part of the world all her life.

Lesa said...

Happy Birthday, Louise!

No, 50 never bothered me,nor 40. Thirty was the rough one. But, my husband made 50 such a special birthday that I couldn't be upset. It's a special man who arranges a surprise party, works with his wife's staff, and keeps it a secret that her family, and college roommate are flying in for her birthday.

Enjoy your 50th! From everything you say, you have a very special husband as well.

donna said...

Happy Birthday Louise! Hope you enjoy yourself but I am selfish and will miss blog! You help keep everyone grounded and remind us of all the beauty and good things around us - not like the newspapers which focus on all the bad. You have a very special gift and we are all lucky to be able to share in it. All the best and many more,