Friday, 18 July 2008

Privations, with a bit of froth

Thunderstorms, temps 20

A dramatic day. Love them every now and then. Montreal and Burlington really got walloped by some strong winds. Trees down, power out. We ran the water into the tub, in case we lost power - but all we lost (briefly) was the satellite.

Wrote a lot today...still having to substitute z for s. Then once in a while I hit replace and all the 'z's turn into 's's. So now size become sise. And sizzles become sissles. We've gone from book 5 sounding like it's narrated by Boris and Natasha to someone with quite a lisp. Well, at least the writing's going well.

Off to see Pina's show tonight.

The espresso machine arrived! We immediatelty cooked up two double's, and Michael did the froth. We sat in the screen porch as a thunder storm struck, dipping orange biscotti into our capuccinos. God, the life of a writer. Why me, oh Lord? When will it end?

Must go make dinner then get out of my flannel pajamas for Pina's show. It's also very hard being a trophy wife.

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