Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Gary's Days are Numbered

sunny, then storms in the afternoon, (like now), temps 23

Well, I've finally figured out how to do in Gary. We're giving him a nearly impossible deadline for renovating the new TV room! It's brilliant. He'll either die trying to accomplish it, or kill himself. but, wait a minute, he might kill us!

Gary, if you're reading this, it was all Michael's idea. I tried to stop him. Begged him not to do it. Really.

Michael, if you're reading this...I love you.

Today we had breakfast in Cowansville (I know you find this riveting) - won't tell you what I ordered because there must be some boundaries - then bought a sofa bed and TV for the new TV room. The Sofa will be delivered in 10 days, at which time Gary must have the new TV room ready.

Are you still conscious, Gary?

Had an email from More Magazine (great mag. aimed at women over 40) about doing a photo-shoot next week. Happily they'll provide a make up artist and hair stylist...but they want to do it in Montreal. Also have an interview with Chatelaine magazine next week, and Bravo is trying to organize a time to film an interview for their Writers Confessions series - next week. If I do it on the same day as the MORE shoot I can use the same makeup and hair. Even the next day - if I sleep sitting up, and don't mind looking like The Joker.

this is one of the flaws in my 'take-it-easy' editing pledge. Other things come to crowd it out...so I end up with almost no time to do the actual editing. I seem to have fallen off that wagon.

Actually, this might be the cappucino talking, but I'm not worried. I'm loving this book and the re-write and I'm going to take my time. If I don't finish til Christmas, that's OK.

Had to say 'No, thank you' to doing another Books and Brunch event in Montreal this fall. It's a HUGE event with 3-400 people, but it's just too much. Schedule already crazy. I asked if I could do it next year. (the Scarlet O'Hara approach to book marketing).

Great news - at Nancy's suggestion I bought a bottle of that canned air and sprayed it on the 's' key of the laptop and voila. The effin esses are back! Might spray some of that oxygen up my nose next week. There's a shot for MORE. What the mature woman does for fun and profit these days.

Life is good. Unless you're Gary. (sorry about the ungodly schedule, Gar)

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