Thursday, 10 July 2008

frothing up

partly cloudy, cooler, temps 20

Cool, blustery day. Bit of a relief, really. Off to exercise class in a few minutes and thought I'd jump onto the computer and write while I can.

Been meaning to tell you about the garden. The Clematis are now out all over the bird house and up the trellis's. The foxglove are blooming and even some phlox. I adore phlox. Bad name, though. sounds like phlem. And the daylilies are out. The oriental lilies like Casablanca and Stargazer are just about to pop.

Ordered an espresso maker yesterday. We had one in our room at Hovey and every morning (except when it rained) we sat on the dock, drinking our espressos and looking down the lake. So tranquil. Had been thinking about getting one for a while. Normally, when we go into Sutton to the office we get our cappuccinos from the creperies next door. But they closed and we're moving from the office - giving it up - to work from home. So - we were missing our cappuccino's.

Spoiled. Well and truely and irreversibly spoiled.

The otehr thing we give up by writing exclusively at home is our highspeed internet. We're in the middle of nowhere - a sort of plateau surrounded by mountains and highspeed here. Very frustrating.

Bu this afternoon a fellow from knowlton is coming to install a satellite disk so we can pick up highspeed (actually more 'medium' speed) through it. That'll be perfect.

Now we can download pictures of a dock, and sit in front of the computer with our cappuccinos.

My body still hurts from exercise class on Monday - God knows how it's feel after todays. But my mind sure is glad we're going.

Take care.


Elizabeth said...

Now you've ruined "phlox" for me forever! Our clematis is bursting with deep purple blooms too --and the raspberries are ripening. Had some at breakfast this morning. Don't you love summer in this part of the world? So much better than when we were in Washington, D.C. where one rushes from the air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned house for several months of the year. Of course, here there is the winter problem...

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear elizabeth,

I wonder if we're the same person? So funny you should mention raspberries. I was just out walking the dogs and picking them. Nothing like them sun warmed from the bush. Yum.