Sunday, 27 July 2008

So this is what 'stupid' looks like

sunny/stormy, temps 25

Slightly cooler today. Had a couple massive thunder storms last night and that broke the heat and humidity.

Spent yesterday with Michael and Pat in our bathing suits by the pool. Michael and Pat very sensibly put sun block on. But, since I'm invincible, I didn't. Today, they still look like human beings, and I look like a root vegetable. A cross between a carrot and a beet.

I'm almost purple.

It's been a long time since I was this tanned, or that stupid. Remarkable, really, to know that while misjudgement might lie dormant, it never actually goes away.

The plan today, and so far it has gone off without a flaw, is to rise late (check), make coffee (check), laze around (check), make brunch of blueberry pancakes, bacon, Montreal bagels, cream cheese, Lise's strawberry jam, cappucino and cherries. (check)

Will do a few emails - responding to a personal appearance request, a couple readers and a book club in Oregon - then....

Pat and I are heading to the spa! Will do a half day package. Facial for me - see if they can bring the purple down to a soothing pink - and a massage. Pat'll have a massage, a manicure and a pedicure.

Michael will have a quiet day - I think he's looking forward to it even more than we are.

Steak on the BBQ tonight. Nice to be away from the editing, though of course I think about it quite a bit. Good place, really, to pause since it was a bit of a problem area...but I think I've solved the problem.

Speak to you tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday.

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