Friday, 11 July 2008


partly cloudy, cool, temps 23

Lovely day, really. Cool enough we needed a sweater for most of the day.

The delphinium are in full bloom and even some hollyhock! The garden's just exploding.

Woke up feeling very relaxed and invited Michael out for breakfast in Knowlton. There's a place called Cafe Floral that serves wonderful cafe au lait and the biggest freshest muffins in the world. We had a raspberry muffin, still warm from the oven, scrambled eggs with brie and a croissant. Then, just as it was time pay, the owner said Danny, who runs Brome Lake Books, had called to say he'd pay for our meal. (how he even knew we were there remains a mystery)

Danny clearly had NO idea how gargantuan our appetite was. We tried to pay for half, but the owner refused. So we bought Danny a warm muffin and took it to the bookstore where he and Michael chatted while I signed a pile of books.

pretty good work.

Then off to the Sutton food bank to make a delivery. Kept running in to people we know, and that's always great.

Lise and Donna came by this morning to work on the garden. I saw Lise's wounds from the noxious Gas Plant - it looks as though someone took a lash to her shoulders. Poor woman. But she just laughed and said it was all right. We gave her a cream, with very high SPF value. She gave me this huge basket full of her amazing home-made goods, like strawberry jame, bread and butter pickles and pickled beets. A gift for my 50th. REally, so kind. Can you imagine what she'd have given me had we not poisoned her?

Spent the afternoon editing book 5. Made great headway. there are times I'm just throbbing with excitement about this book. Really excited about the themes and how it's all coming together.

So, to recap. Book 5 is either the most brilliant mystery ever written, or it's crap. It changes from day to day, sometimes from minute to minute.

Kirk called and invited us for dinner tomorrow, and we had an email from a friend inviting Michael to give a speech tonight. So we're off for that.

Chateleine, a huge circulation Canadian magazine, has asked to do an interview with me for their October issue, which co-incides perfectly with the launch of THE MURDER STONE.

Still haven't written that Golbe and Mail column, and Scene of the Crime festival on wolfe Island wants to know when we're arriving so their volunteers can meet us. Need to do that, and send Left Coast Crime a bio and photo for the Feb. 09 event.

Our friend Nancy spent a couple of hours here this afternoon working with Michael to get our new satellite high speed internet working.

And now it does! Brilliant. A real revolution for us.

The coffee for the new espresso maker arrived. But no machine. Still, pretty exciting to be this close to making our own espressos.

Speak to you tomorrow. Be well.

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