Sunday, 6 July 2008

A perfect summer day

sunny, gorgeous day, temps 30

Sunny and sizzling hot, but no humidity. Stunning. Michael and I got up about 7:30, went for our 2 kilometer walk, swam in the pool then had breakfast. Halfway through Pat brought the dogs back - Maggie and Trudy. We'd asked her to keep them through to today since yesterday we'd be out so much.

It feels so odd when they're not home. I realize how often I look for them (mostly to make sure I'm not going to trip over them...acres and acres of space and they lie down right beside us - quite endearing).

Spent this morning editing...took 3,000 words out today, most of a chapter, a wrote a new scene involving Ruth. Very fun. But loads of work. The book is much clearer in my head...the superfluous threads are being chopped away, the themes sharpened, but at the same time made more subtle, I hope.

About 1pm I quit, made lunch for the two of us, walked the dogs, went for another swim, then sat by the pool and looked up the fastest way to us from Shawville, Quebec. A friend, Pat, is coming to visit later in the month and needed directions. I'd never heard of Shawville, (she's from Winnipeg and is renting a cabin there for a week or so, then on to us). But I found it and wrote a long, detailed, and I hope accurate email to her.

Then I decamped for the hammock and lay in it, eating an ice cream cone and reading a manuscript someone sent with a view to endorsing it.

Sadly I've had to say 'thank you, but no,' more and more often - no time I'm afraid. I feel horrible doing it, but there is a certain deluge right now. I realize it's a huge honour to be asked, and I feel honoured. I also feel a genuine sense of obligation to give back to a community that's been so generous to me.

But I'm afraid I'm just being worn down. So now I say 'no, thank you' more than I say yes. And I also am quite rigorous about the ones I do endorse when I do agree to read them. have a lower tolerance for things that just aren't to my taste. Doesn't make them bad, of course. Just not my 'thing'.

Michael and I had a BBQ for dinner, and a salad with fresh organic lettuce etc from the young farmer in Sutton who makes up 'paniers' once a week. Need to eat fast because the next delivery is Wednesday.

Aiming to go to exercise class tomorrow morning - 9am. First time in a year. Pray for me.

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