Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Rain, rain and, yes, rain. Temps 20

Funny day - rain, then timid sun, then rain again. But we still found time to have an ice cream in Sutton. The chocolaterie - where they make wonderful handmade chocolates - also does homemade ice cream. Honestly, this is my idea of Heaven. Michael had a scoop of vanilla and one of chocolate. I had a scoop of pistachio and one of praline.

Picked up the organic vegetables. Fennel, kale, coriander and all sorts of things.

Spoke to my new publicist at St Martin Minotaur, in NYC - Sarah. She sounds amazing. Very exciting. Did I tell you Minotaur had chosen the cover for A RULE AGAINST MURDER? It blew me away. I think it's the best yet - of all the covers. Fantastic. It's very simple, but strong. It shows stone steps curving upward on a country path, leading into a forest. A great mix of shade and light, or natural and unnatural, of calm and foreboding


London Kate said...

Hi there Louise

Cover sounds great - subdued and mysterious. Will that be for the US edition?

Afraid I am guilty of judging books by their covers - literally (perhaps that should be literaturally) rather than metaphorically. I really liked the leaf motif of your first two Gamache novels. The Cruellest Month cover (UK edition) threw me a little, the style/lettering didn't seem in keeping with the content - I see your books as literary crime fiction, PD James-like with their strong sense of place and character driven plots but with a more lovable protagonist. Certain I would not have picked up The Cruellest Month if I had not already found your earlier books and loved them - the cover was too .... too ... well, too something!

All best wishes
Kate x

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Kate,

thanks for your thoughts. I too judge books by their covers, but I realize with my own books I'm way out of my depth. So many emotions, so much pride and ego involved - I'm just not a good judge. So it's really valuable to hear your ideas and reactions. thank you.

yes - that cover for A RULE AGAINST MURDER is for the US edition. I just adore it. Hope you will too. Let me know what you think if you ever see it.

London Kate said...

Am looking forward to Book 4 - whatever the cover design!
And love hearing about the writing/editing process, thanks for sharing the ups and downs with the blog readers.