Thursday, 24 July 2008

Duct off!

rain and more rain!!! temps 19

Apparently we've had 50 percent more rain this July than normal. Not surprised, and I know I'd rather have too much than too little. But still...

yesterday's posting was a shambles. Sometimes this Blogger thing drives me nuts. I'd written the whole thing, then suddenly it refused to save. Then when it posted you got what you see below. It was as though I'd been struck dead in the middle of a sentence. happily that wasn't the case, so I suppose things could have been far worse.

Can't remember what I was going to say, except the good news that St Martin's Minotaur is so pumped about A RULE AGAINST MURDER they're making it the cover of their catalogue! Yay.

Gary and John arrived around noon to start work on the new TV room and immediately ran into a problem. What else? They have to move a door and when they opened the wall they found....a vent. (thought I'd add a bit of tension. But not too much) Damn vent for heating goes all the way up to the bedroom above. Anyway, they called in Dwayne the plumber, who confirmed that...but Michael, clever boy, provided the answer. Close off the upstairs vent, take out the duct work, and we'll put an electric baseboard heater in the guest bedroom. Freeze out the guests. Works on so many levels.

Odd, but I quite like working in chaos. I hardly notice. All those years in the newsroom at the CBC - you get good at focussing. Alarms could, and often did, go off and I wouldn't notice.

Wrote all to be at the stage where revelations are happening. Always a bit of a guess about what the reveal when and how. But again, that's what editing is for. It really is quite clear as I read it over what works and what doesn't.

Off to make hotel and flight arrangements - Toronto, Baltimore, Muncie.

We have a friend arriving tomorrow. Pat. She used to produce the show in Winnipeg I hosted on CBC Radio. The Afternoon Edition. Then I left and she got promoted to Executive Producer of the whole thing. Then she left Mother Corp.

Now she's driving across from Winnipeg, stopping along the way, and ending up here with her dog, Magic. Hope Magic gets along with Maggie and Trudy. I'm sure they will. After all, almost nothing ever goes wrong in this house.

Pat's staying for 5 days - but she's very self-sufficent. And I'll take a few days off to show her around. All part of my realization that friends and social events are at least as important as work.



Sarah Penny said...

Aunty Louise!

I never knew you had a blog, i am going to be on here all the time now to see what you and Uncle Michael are up to!
So i see you are building or doing something with a new TV room, are you making an extension or just renovating? What ever it is, im sure you guys have it very well planned to look amazing! So me and a friend were thinking of a weekend getaway we could do and i suggested nothing but Montreal, and i was about to call you and see if you and/or the appartment was available in August some time, but then i realized i cant be spending my money travelling when im trying to save up for a house!
So i know pretty much none of this has to do with what you wrote on your blog, but I watching that TV interview you did in London, and I thought you looked just absolutly stunning!
Well im so excited for your 4th book to be released, i have to get my butt in gear and pre-order, hopefully hard cover will be available. And of course I am so excited to be seeing you and the rest of the family in Toronto!

Take care

Love Sarah

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Sarah,

This is so Fab to hear from you!!! And yes, our apartment is available anytime - if you and the friend find cheap seats. But we'll be seeing each other in Sept anyway. Was just making arrangements for hotel rooms in TO for the reunion.

you're such a riot. And saving for a house - good on you, girl! Don't forget to remind your Dad that his Mom (and mine) helped us with our first houses.

Thanks for the TV compliment, and for looking! you really are the best. I was just emailing a photographer for a magazine shoot and suggesting that instead of a hair/makeup and nails veneer, maybe he could shoot me looking more natural (which is to say with duck poop mulch under the nails, as you know). I wonder if he'll even respond.

I know you're working - having chatted with your Mom and Dad recently - but give me your updates...

Lots of love from Uncle Michael and me...

Sarah Penny said...


First off, i love how you use the word 'fab'! I just had to laugh at the duck poop mulch, your photographer would be silly not to respond, i hear it is the new fad these days! Well i hope the weather is nice for you today and not raining like you say it was. On the other hand, the weather here has been gorgeous, I was driving to work at 8 this morning and saw it was already 18 degress. It should be a steller weekend, im off to go play some slowpitch in a tournement near the Saskatchewan border with Kayla and some other friends. It should be good, unlike the past couple days; thursday morning i woke up to find i had a flat tire, becasuee i drove over a bolt, which came from windows they are installing at work, so at least I'm get rembursed my money i had to pay to fix it. Last saturday i went to go get an MRI done on my knee and today i go to find out the results, I'm a bit nervous, but excited, because i have waited a long time to find out what is wrong with my knee. As much as I dont want it, i think surgery is the only way to fix it.
Yes, I am working, I am 'working' right now as I type this. Lets just hope no one sneaks up on me. If they do, i'll balme you! Anyway, I am back with EXH, the same company Kim and I have worked for, for years. But this time I am in the office and not in the field (because of knee problems) and i am really enjoying, to some extent, i get my weekends and social life back, but me and my boss aren't really on the same wave length so to say. Other than that i work as an admin support for the bridges group amd they're a good group of guys, they acknowledge my work and take me out for lunch so its all good!
Speaking of Lunch, mom phones today to tell me i left my lunch sitting on the counter, shoot!

Well maybe I will try my hand at doing some work today. Take care. and all my love to you, Uncle Micheal and the dogs!