Saturday, 12 July 2008

A quiet day

Sunny, hot, lovely, temps 28

Fabulous day. Hot but not steamy. Wrote all this morning then took the dogs for a walk and laid on the dock, hearing the bass jump and the water glug. So peaceful.

Yesterday, after breakfast and doing some chores we came home. Nancy came by to help set up the satellite connection for the internet, which seems to be even slower than dial-up. Something isn't quite right. Poor Michael spent most of this morning wrestling with it.

Then I coaxed him into the pool to cool off. then made lunch. Had the BEST organic peaches ever. No need for chocolate or pie or even gummies when fruit is that good.

Now we're just relaxing. I'm getting back to people about dates and details. Wrote part of the Globe column.

We're off to Kirk and Walter's for dinner. Kirk's father has vision problems but loves to read so I take him whatever books on tape I collect on travels. have a bunch to give him.

Hearing back from people who read the Advanced copies of The Murder Stone about how much they've enjoyed it. the best so far. Such a relief.


Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait for The Murder Stone. Just want you to know that I am a serious lover of audio books. I spend my evenings knitting and listening. Also, now that I am waking in the night with hot flashes, I often listen (with earbuds) in the middle of the night until I feel sleepy again. Recorded books put out the best audio books in my opinion. They have marvelous readers/actors like Simon Prebble and Barbara Rosenblatt who really make listening much better than movies or TV. I heard Elizabeth Peters interviewed on NPR a few years ago and apparently, when she writes, she actually hears her characters speaking in Barbara Rosenblatt's voice(s).Peters' "Quartet" of books ending with "He Shall Thunder in the Sky" is the best of her writing and fortunately, our local library has all four volumes on audio.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry, I clicked prematurely after writing the above comment before typing in my name. Gorgeous weather here too. Lilies and hydrangeas going full tilt.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Elizabeth,

How interesting that Peters hears the audio narrator's voice. Perhaps I should give it another try. Reminds me of Colin Dexter saying he so loved John Thaw as Morse he began writing with him in mind.

Sad to lose both Morse and Thaw. Strange co-incidence.