Saturday, 30 October 2010

Meanderings and Muses

partly cloudy, cool, temps 5

I think it might be cold enough to snow - indeed, rain/snow mix is in the forecast for tomorrow. but not today!

I failed to mention a wonderful blog site earlier this week - and give thanks! The terrific Kaye Barley created Meanderings and Muses a few years ago and it has grown into a fabulous site, a meeting place for writers and readers. Kaye is massively supportive of both, and very thoughtful. She asked me to guest blog (her one lapse in judgement) last week, and I did.

Had lots of fun doing it....but then failed to mention it to anyone! SO, thank you to Kaye for that great honour - and many apologies to Kaye for appearing perhaps to take it for granted. I didn't at all - but it was so hectic I just didn't mention it in my own blog.

If you don't already know Meanderings and Muses, please check it out.

Am lying in bed - 1115am - second bowl of cafe au lait. Wrote the Nov. newsletter and got caught up on things that pile up while away...correspondence etc. Need to leap out in a moment, get dressed and go to the CJAD studios for a live 30 minute interview 12:30 to 1pm - with Sharman Yarnell...then lunch together. Sharman and jacquie Czernin would get along well together. Both beautiful, smart, energetic, thoughtful.

How lucky to have so many splendid women in my life. And a few - it must be said - splendid men!

Must run or I'll be doing the interview naked....have done loads of those in my nightmares, but not as yet in real life.

Will blog tomorrow....quiet day. A day of DVD's and zoning out. Hope you get a day like that too.


Marjorie said...

And here is the link to copy and paste for Louise's guest post on Kaye's Blog:

(or it's linked on Louise's Facebook page.)

--Marjorie from CT

lil Gluckstern said...

Your day sounds heavenly, especially the cafe au lait. Read the blog, it's one my stops on the road. Have fun.

vtslajer said...

Hi Louise, you are just amazing! I love all your writing and try not to miss any blog entry or your newsletter. I am also behind in reading your novels to read my way through all the way, one by one to Bury Your Dead. Am I slow? I wish you could tell me how you manage to do all that you do and still write about it. Enjoy the weekend.

whalewatcher said...

I just went to the Meanderings and Musings website and read your article. Really enjoyed your topic and they way you presented it. Also glad to have that website pointed out. I think it will become a regular stop to my computer time. Enjoy your DVD day!

Kaye Barley said...

Louise, Hi!
We spent the day at my Mom's so I'm just now seeing your post. You know, Peg is right - your name should be "Grace." You are, without a doubt, THE most gracious woman ever.
As busy as you are right now, I am ever grateful to you for taking the time to be a part of Meanderings and Muses.
Thank you.
and here's a hug!