Sunday, 24 October 2010

Miami Book Fair

overcast, foggy, some rain, cool - temps 10

My Assistant Lise wrote to tell me it was snowing at home! Honestly? I love the snow. Don't love driving in it. Worse still, I hate knowing people I love are driving in it. Or worrying that they are.

But beyond that, I find snow very peaceful and beautiful. Except in April. Or May. Then it becomes something else entirely.

Am having great fun at the Harbourfront Literary Festival. Did the reading last night...those things are always nerve-wracking. Difficult to get up in front of several hundred people and appear composed and relaxed and happy to be there - as though this happened every night, in my living room. I went second. My preference is always to go first. Get it over with....still, second wasn't bad. And it's quite a bonding experience with the other writers. We support each other, slap each other's bum (figuratively speaking) when they finish. Congratulate each other. Like brothers in arms.

there is one huge difference which I'm sure you've appreciated....instead of lobbing grenades at us, the people we're facing are friendly and warm and kind. And only want the best for us.

So, the only enemy is ourselves. Our own fears and insecurities. But it's a mighty enemy, faced every day and night while on tour. The photo above is from last night's reading.

In the intermission this beautiful woman introduced herself. She's Ralph Cosham's wife! Ralph reads the American audio version of the books. And is, by all account, brilliant! Ralph had emailed and said his wife was visiting a friend in Toronto and might be there - so I was looking forward to meeting her. But afraid to get my hopes up that she'd actually show.

She is as lovely as you'd expect. Kind and smiling and warm. Such fun to meet her. And can hardly wait to meet him one day! I'm thinking maybe - since he lives in the Washington, DC, area - he could come to Malice Domestic in May and perhaps we could form a panel discussing audio books. Will have to talk to the organizers of Malice to see it that might fit. I know they get a lot of suggestions and it's very hard to accommodate everyone.

Today there was a noon panel, which I totally loved. Moderated by one of the finest Canadian crime writers, Andrew Pyper. the other members were all terrific writers, Anne Emery, John Lawton and Lisa Scottoline. And me. Very fun and funny and thoughtful. Andrew did an amazing job. Very hard to be a moderator.

then off to buy some new clothes. Between us, after more than a month on the road some of my clothes are ready to combust. Besides, I'm tired of them! Feels wonderful to have some new options.

Had some disappointing news about the Miami bookfair late in November. I was scheduled to go, but we'd told them I could only do an event on the Sunday, since Friday and Saturday I was booked for the Montreal Salon du Livres. But could hop a plane Saturday night and get there Sunday.

But, as often happens in the complex world of literary festivals and book fairs - our request was lost, so they booked me in for the Saturday of the Miami book fair. By the time the mistake was discovered it was too late.

So I've had to bow out of Miami. Upsetting too since I was looking forward to meeting a very supportive book club in the area. But I'm afraid that will have to wait until next year.

Life on tour. Actually, just life. So many unexpected events.

Off to Orangeville for a lunch event at a local bistro tomorrow, organized by Nancy Frater and the good people of Booklore. Maybe I'll see you there!


donnk said...

At the risk of seeming very, very odd...t seems funny in an insane kind of way-literally. Here are the characters of Three Pines and Old Quebec quietly and calmly'hibernating' while you on the other hand are racing around like a greyhound...look what 'they've' created!
Your schedule, flying and meeting people, exhausts me but is exhilirating and I'm envious-in a good way. Well,
thanks for the thousandth time for sharing your trials and tribulations and wonderful times with everyone. And...your graciousness on-line is very admirable and appreciated.

I hope David gets to meet you.

Donna K Wisconsin

DCKroes said...

Delighted to hear that Ralph Cosham's wife was there to meet you! My first experience with your books was with an audiobook of "Still Life" and Ralph has become the voice of Gamache to me. My husband and I love listening to his atmospheric reading of your words and story. You must be so proud! We own the hard copies, too, but always listen first. Thank you for your words and tales.

Debbie and Dave Kroes, Wisconsin

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Donna and Debbie -

Yes, look what those lazy bone villagers have created! While they loaf about Three Pines I'm haring off all over the place to keep a roof over their heads. And do they ever write? Do they ever phone?

Yes - Ralph is an amazing gift! And I can see that his wife must be his muse. Lovely woman.

JKW said...

Oh, Nooooo, I was looking forward to meeting you. And your telling me this on my birthday (10/24) Yikes. I will watch for you to come to So. (east) FL at some point. Many Blessings, Janet (By the way, sn*w is a 4-letter word!!!