Monday, 18 October 2010


mainly sunny, mild, temps mid-sixties

I'm still floating, and will be for quite some time, after yesterday. The shriek and maniacal laughter in my head has calmed to a smile of settled happiness. And people have been so kind, coming up to congratulate me. And sending messages. Had there been a long, dreadful silence after this great news that would have felt awful. But you are all so kind.

Thank you!!! And mostly thank you for keeping me company, when I win and when I don't. When things go well, and when they don't. That's the real trophy. Companions like you.

We've cancelled the event in Berkley tonight. I know a few of you were hoping to be there. I'm sorry about that, but it has just been such an exhausting time we thought it might be best. Just need to stare at a blank wall for a little while.

Indeed, the photos above show what I'll be staring at. One is our living room in the hotel room, the other is the view from one of the windows.

I've also included a shot of me holding the Anthony...before they took it away to be engraved. (ripped it out of my hands...I think there may be nail marks on it.) In most of the photos of me at the awards I look like a striped cow. But one holding a magnificent trophy - so, moooo!!!

What a surprising life. I will remember this always....but mostly I'll remember all the people who have been so kind to me. Thank you.


Beth said...

Oh joy! Yesterday Blogger would not cooperate with my attempts to leave a message. But today I can chime in with my heartfelt congratulations! You have created a beautiful, complicated, funny, dark, heartwarming, challenging world, the center of which is Three Pines. Your Anthony is a tangible stand-in for the admiration and appreciation we readers have for you.

Thank you--for Three Pines and its residents, for Gamache, and for taking us along on your journey.

xxx Beth
in Oregon

Kim in Saskatoon said...

Congratulations! I was introduced to the series about a year ago and have devoured it - out of sequence, as some older titles were in and out of stock. I've decided to look upon this as a fine reason for re-reading the series in sequence as I am sure that I've missed key elements of plot and, more importantly, nuances of characters: Gamache, "his" inspectors, and the Three Pines family.

I'm not generally a fan of mysteries, finding many too plot driven and a little light on character development. What I love about the Three Pines series is the honesty of the characters. They are deep, rich, good, and flawed and afraid of shining light on parts of themselves that they sometimes don't even acknowledge.

Thank you.

Anne Church said...

We hope you can feel our big giant smiles! You need to float,to enjoy, and yes, to rest a bit.Thank you so much for your hard work, your talent; we have all been gifted; merci merci:]

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I just finished Bury Your Dead this afternoon - wonderful read. As always, I'm looking forward to your next book. Thanks so much.

Rogue said...

Congrats Louise! Your Anthony Award is richly deserved!

lil Gluckstern said...

It is so wonderful for you, and I'm getting a kick thinking about you in my favorite city, and enjoying it. Does that sound weird? I hope not. Just feel the glow, you've earned it.

vtslajer said...

It could not happen in a more interesting city, and right on the Nob Hill. Congratulations, enjoy to the fullest the fleeting moment of glory, it's well deserved - the path to it was long and strenuous. Bravo!

Lee Ann said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

Lee Ann