Wednesday, 6 October 2010

duck and cover

sunny, hot, temps 85

Well, hot to me, but apparently this is a cool spell in Phoenix, where last week the temperature hit 105. I've never felt heat like that. 85 is good enough for me.

amazing storms here yesterday. I don't know if you heard or saw some of the footage of the hail, that actually accumulated so that kids were making 'Hailmen'. Amazing video of hail like large stones plummeting into a pool, causing these massive splashes. A major highway closed (at rush hour) because of flooding and downed powerlines.

I sat on the balcony watching it arrive. In fact, that shot of the rainbow was taken as a storm approached. then has to retreat inside as the rain became too violent. The temperature dropped 30 degrees in 20 minutes. Remarkable.

The other photo is me, or at least my delicate feet, waiting for the storm.

As you might have guessed, after yesterday's post, I switched rooms. To a lesser room, but one with a nicer view, over the pool. Lovely.

Sat outside this morning with a coffee, before the sun hit directly and it became sizzling hot (for a Montrealer, anyway).

Had great news about the French book. En plein coeur (the french translation of Still Life) has risen to number 2 on the Le Devoir bestseller list!

Having an early dinner tonight with Lesa Holstine and Patti O'Brien, then off to Poisoned Pen - a terrific mystery bookstore here in Phoenix (scottsdale, actually) for an event tonight.

Flight to Houston tomorrow - and an event at Murder by the Book. So looking forward to that. To seeing McKenna and Brenda, Dean and Anne and meeting John.

Friday is very busy - early flight from Houston to nashville. Have a noon event at the Nashville literary festival, then two more flights to get to Regina for our family reunion Thanksgiving.

Will try to blog tomorrow, but if not, I probably won't get a chance until the weekend. Be well - and thank you for all your support of me, and of BURY YOUR DEAD! What a fun and exciting launch week. Thanks to you.


cathy said...

Dear Louise - The book is stunning. And haunting. Thank you.

And thank you for taking time and energy to blog.

Safe journey!

Reine said...

Can't believe you don't just love our weather! I can't wait to get back there and cool off- hah!

Donna K said...

Ha Ha

You sound like me with changing rooms. I even changed in the middle of the night once in Calif. due to highway noise..always search for the atmosphere...and never let the hostess seat you if you have another preference....muy importante!
Rooms have got to be sooooo important when one is away from home and working. You deserve it.
Adios DonnaK

Pat L. said...

It was a joy to see and hear you read tonight at Poisoned Pen. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images and wonderful sense of humor with us.
Safe travels.

Mercedes said...

Louise --

Nice toes! Rainbows and toes before the hail storm that took us all by surprise.

Re: The Poisoned Pen Bookstore on Goldwater Blvd. Thank you for ditching the microphone. As far as book readings for internationally acclaimed authors go, for readers, the Poisoned Pen was a privileged, intimate setting. And, thanks to your CBC experience, you know how to project your voice and how to make eye contact with your listeners.

What you now need is a Stop Sign to flash to specific members of your audience. A red, octagonal stop sign -- the kind that grade-four Cross-Walk Monitors like me held in their hands to arrest rush hour traffic at Chinook Park Elementary in Calgary at 3:30 PM, five days a week.

When you sense that a fan is going to give away too much of the plot, flash a red octagonal stop sign. It will save you a lot of grief at future book signings.

Please continue to be fierce about preserving the mystery of the ending of Bury Your Dead.

-- Mercedes

Lesa said...

Ah, Louise. It was a special evening, and I'm so glad we could all celebrate your appearance on the NYTimes Bestseller List. Well-deserved. Bury Your Dead is a masterpiece.

Thank you for sharing your friendship and love.