Friday, 29 October 2010

Literary and Historical Society

overcast, some rain, cool - temps 6

Definitely cool today - that damp cold where all you want to do is soak in a big ole bubble bath. Well, that's all I want to do.

Let me tell you about yesterday. It was wonderful! A fabulous launch for Bury Your Dead - thanks to Jacquie Czernin of CBC Radio, Peter Black her producer and a member of the board of the Lit and His. Valerie, Simon, David - all of the Literary and Historical Society. Indeed, so many people helped.

And so many people came! From Kingston, Toronto, New York, Montreal - and Quebec. The old library was packed!

My Assistant Lise and her husband Del brought Vive Gamache mugs, some Three Pines birthday calendar, and some special edition wines - with Bury Your Dead labels! From a local Townships vineyard called Domain Bresee.

I've put up a few photos on the blog....I realize too that in yesterday's blog I talked about Michael standing outside the Chateau Frontenac - and I thought I got it onto the blog - but then noticed it disappeared into the ether. Must be attached to some unsuspecting soul's blog. Hope it doesn't get her into trouble!

So these are assorted photos - mostly of Jacquie and me (I'm in the black and white checked jacket - almost always in a blur) - Jacquie's the lovely woman all in black. In one photo Jacquie's interviewing a man - that's William Moss, the Chief Archeologist of Quebec. (the real one). In the background you can see the producer of the show, Peter.

It is all a bit of a blur...which might explain why I'm so blurry in the photos. But what I remember is having huge fun, being in awe yet again of jacquie and peter and Rachelle and everyone involved in the show. And the kindness and welcome of the people of the Literary and Historical Society. And everyone there.

A huge thanks too to Guy Dubois - the owner of the bookstore, La Maison Anglaise. He's had me in to do signings from the very beginning, when no one else cared if I had a book out. So appreciate that.

It feels wonderful to have been there, and celebrated the book in the exact place where the murder happened. And celebrated Quebec City.

What a spectacular place. Did I tell you after being woken up at 6:50 by construction the Chateau Frontenac moved us? Into - get this - one of the best rooms in the place! It was huge, with a fireplace and a turret. I'm not kidding. Wish I'd taken a picture of that. We could see over all of Quebec City and to the hills beyond. At night many of the buildings in the old city are lit up, and there's a light show over old city hall - rotating colours. Very beautiful. From the turret windows the city looks like a prism or sparkling gems.

We staggered back to the hotel about 9pm - ordered burgers and sat exhausted, wolfing the food down. We were invited out to dinner by David and Louisa Blair - both deeply involved in the Morrin Centre - but were frankly too tired.

After the broadcast there was a 2 hour cocktail party organized by Hachette Canada (my publisher - thanks to Donna Nopper) and the Morrin Centre. jacquie said a few words, Simon Jacobs said a few words, David Blair said a few words. I read a bit from the book. Then we partied!

I wish the photos were a bit better. CBC took lots but for some reason theirs didn't turn out either. Thank heaven Michael was taking pictures.

And now we're back in Montreal. Recovering! Rented a bunch of movies. Bought People Magazine. Have huge bowls of chinese soup for dinner.

Tomorrow I have a noon interview with Sharman Yarnell at CJAD - then Michael and I are taking Sharman and her wonderful husband Walter out for lunch. Then home to veg.

What a life. A whirlwind. And so pleased to be whirling around with you. Thanks for the company.

Oh - I keep meaning to say - I know the library in Quebec City where Bury Your Dead is set as the Literary and Historical Society (the Lit and His for short)....but the fact is, it's official name is the Morrin Centre...actually the building is called the Morrin Centre, of which the Lit and His is part. I mention this in case anyone is trying to find it on a visit to Quebec.

I hope you do get a chance to visit the library - the photos don't do it justice.


John said...

It sounds like it was a marvelous time, Louise; I'm glad that you are being so widely recognized for all your fine work! And I'm glad you got Michael's picture added; I thought I was losing my eyesight looking for it yesterday! :-)


Merry Lu said...

Thank you for sharing your party with us, I almost feel like I was there. My friend had a launch party this summer for her first book and it was SO exciting.

I am reading "Bury Your Dead" right now (well, not RIGHT now, as I'm typing this comment) and I, as expected, am loving it. So this blog is perfect timing for me. :-)

lil Gluckstern said...

When I lived on the East Coast, I wanted to "do Canada" and go to Quebec, and Ontario, etc. We made it as far as Toronto and Niagara Falls. As lovely as they were, Your pictures are lovely, and I travel with you and your books. Avec beaucoup plaisir.
(Did i say that right?)

Cherry P. said...

What a lovely event, and so nice to see the Lit and His. I have listened to all of your books and been completely enthralled. I am always sad to emerge back into my beloved southern NM once done. "Bury Your Dead" broke my heart and then mended it.

Great jacket in these photos even if houndstooth does always appear to be in motion. Part of your new wardrobe?

Enjoy your vegetable time.

jimchatt725 said...


I so enjoy reading your blogs of your adventures. Your descriptions are delicious. I have finally begun to read BURY YOUR DEAD, though I have tried to delay so as not to have to go through it too fast. I want to savor every page.

Thanks again for giving us a taste of Quebec.

Jim O'Connell

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for your comments - he Lit and His really is magicial - as was the evening. thanks for coming along!

Anonymous said...

I've just finished "Bury Your Dead". Oh my!! Wonderful story - I wept for Gamache's pain, and with the happiness at the Bistro - an altogether thoroughly satisfying story!

Liz said...

Love your blog even more now that you are adding photos.

Famille Gerdel said...

Voilà, j'ai enfin trouvé l'article que je recherchais dans ton blogue... celui de ta prestation à la bibliotèque Morrin de Québec.

Bon, suffit pour aujourd'hui, je dois cuisiner les fameuses tartes aux pommes promises à ma p'tite famille. Je dois maintenant m'éloigner de mon clavier d'ordinateur.

Je viens donc de terminer ma série de commentaires. Bonne lecture, Louise! ;-)

Je reviendrai, plus tard. Promis!