Tuesday, 12 October 2010


mainly sunny - cool - temps 7

Though, honestly, we haven't been out yet. Our room is terrific. though poor michael had to once again put up with me walking all over the club floor with the concierge, checking out different rooms until we found the perfect one. Concierge was very patient... but you can imagine how patient Michael has to be!

This is one of those old Canadian Pacific Hotels, built as they build the transcanada railway line...one massive hotel in each major stop....halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Lake Louise, Vancouver. Most now well over 100 years old. And many getting a little weary, a little dreary. many of undergone much need re-furbishments.

This one - the Palliser - has not. At least, not for about 40 years. Still, there's a grace to the lines and proportions. Our room has massive high ceilings and three tall windows looking over the quite magnificent city, and the mountains beyond.

We were zonked, so after some work, we ordered room service. Fish and chips. It arrived on a trolley, with a heating compartment and white linen and old sterling silverware and it almost made me week knowing our grandparents on trips across the country were probably served on the same china and ate with the same utensils and gazed upon the same mountains.

I have to say, while some of the furnishings and fabrics are a little worn and dated, the service and attention to detail is better than we've received anywhere else. This morning we asked for a walk up called at 7am. it came - a real person. then at 7:15 there was a quiet tap on the door and there was a concierge with a pot of coffee.


Off to the big fundraising dinner tonight. Fortunately it's in the hotel, so no need to go far. I wonder if I can wear slippers? Thank God no one expects much from authors. In fact, the more eccentric the better. So I keep telling Michael. he needs more convincing.

Speak tomorrow.


Elizabeth D said...

Louise, I am reading Bury Your Dead, and it's a constant struggle. Because I simultaneously want to sprint right through it to find out what happens and read it as slowly as possible to savor every word. So far, what a wonderful book!

Donna K said...

Well, I for one don't give a flying fig HOW Bury Your Dead ends.I am enjoying the atmosphere and plot and the feeling of being right there and wanting to learn more about Quebec.

I too am struggling with holding myself back..maybe I should read the Spanish version and go slower therefore ha

Shouldn't you be working now on your next book?????

Donna K

Dana said...

See, that is exactly why I did not put my name in the draw for an advance copy. Too long a wait for the next book. But if they came too quickly perhaps we would not be as appreciative (and Louise would be worn out).
It is really nice to listen to the audio book after reading the hard copy. That is what I plan to collect next.