Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Quiet Day

overcast, mild, temps mid-60s

Had two calls early this morning. 6:45 call from the French publisher, just to chat. Then 8am call from Teresa, my agent in London. To make more plans for the visit. Fun to lie in bed in San Francisco talking with editors and agents. Never would have believed it possible ten years ago.

We're having a VERY relaxed day. Getting caught up on some work. Some blogs and emails. Some planning and scheduling issues.

Off to Toronto tomorrow - mid-morning flight but with the time difference we don't arrive in Toronto until 7pm. Going to be doing the International Festival of Authors (IFOA) this weekend - then have a lunch event organized by the amazing Nancy Frater, of Booklore in Orangeville, Ontario. If you live in the area and want to be part of it, please call the bookstore and they'll give you information.

Hard to believe that one week from today Michael and I, along with My Assistant Lise and her husband will be in Quebec City! The big Quebec launch of BURY YOUR DEAD is a week tomorrow - Thursday, Oct 28th. Wow. Hope to see you there.

One thing that amazes me, and I suspect amazes other writers (in fact, I know it does) is simply the number of details involved in a writing career. Like so many others, I thought I'd just write, and maybe tour (using the publisher's private jet) and that would be it. Get to meet you, and enjoy it - then fly back home.

Seems there's more to it than that! Tons of emails, blogging, phone calls, organizing and co-ordinating meetings. Thank God for My Assistant Lise, who basically does everything for us. And still I can barely function for the details.

Having said all that - this is still the best job in the world!

I probably won't be able to blog tomorrow, but will try to write on Friday from the IFOA.

Be well. And thanks for the kind company.


Marjorie said...

Thanks to Lise for all that she does to keep you sane and free to write. A good assistant is worth her weight in gold!

--Marjorie from CT

lil Gluckstern said...

Lovely to have had a day to exhale before the next exciting event. And I'm with Marjorie. How wonderful that Lise makes it possible for you to do all that you do. Good times...

Dana said...

I am alarmed by the requests by your fans for more frequent books. The joy of your books comes from the intricate plots, characters and writing skills. I would rather read one good book than a half dozen mediocre books. The "cut and paste" method of mass producing books does not appeal at all.
Further, I would prefer that you enjoy your life, home, husband and work. This blog fills the gap between books and allows us to share your experiences. Thank you for it, and happy travels.

Shelagh, from Michigan said...

To Dana - Amen, and thank you for putting in words what I have also thought.

Marjorie said...

Dana, so well said! There are other authors to fill my reading time between Louise's books and I agree that her quality is so high that I would also prefer to be patient and wait for her best work.

I will add that when I saw her speak at the bookstore in Connecticut, she mentioned that she was already thinking about the 9th book in the series. That made me quite happy!

--Marjorie from CT

DonnaK said...

Well, bloggers,I was one of the fans who were 'affectionately' teasing Louse about getting another book out. I certainly didn't think anyone took it seriously, but then emotions and personality don't translate well in print. I certainly read a ton of other favorite authors in between Louise's books and the wait is well worth it. At any rate, it certainly shouldn't be a cause for alarm., I hope.
Donna K

Marjorie said...

Donna, I think we're all fine. We just want another book as soon as we finish the last one! There's a mathematical problem in that it takes me one week (and I am slow) to read what it takes Louise one year to write. We'll all just be patient because we have no other choice! But don't stop expressing your enthusiasm. I am sure that Louise loves hearing it.

--Marjorie from CT

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Donna - I sure appreciated your humour and good natured 'pressure'. No worries, my friend... and thanks for always being so supportive.

And Dana - I really love what you say - thank you. One of the many great things about those of you who have found the books is the level of kindness and consideration you show.

I can promise you all - I would never write or allow to be published a book I felt was just done by rote. Phoned in. Like you, I respect the characters too much. I'd rather have no career than a mediocre one based on 'cut and paste'.

but I also do not take the pleas to write more quickly as anything more than good natured kidding. An affectionate way to show how much people like the books.

And now, we're in the IFOA. Hope to see some of you at one of the events in the coming weeks.