Monday, 1 November 2010

White Birth?

overcast, dreary, damp - temps 5

Cold day - with snow on cars and sticking to the ground.

We sent the newsletter out - written by me but designed and put together by Linda Lyall. She did the hard work. We read and re-read it. Michael read it. We edited and adjusted it over the course of a week. Added things and smoothing.

and never once did I notice that I'd told everyone I was doing an event tomorrow night at a bookstore in North Conway, NH called White Birth.


Sounds like a supremacist gathering. Which it is not (in case I need to make it clear!) Or, as one reader said, it sounds very New Age. Sadly, it's not that either. It's my inability to edit. Or rather, my ability to read what I expect to see, not what's actually there. Happens all the time in manuscripts. I give the final one to Michael because I know I read for content and miss the typos. And I'm always astonished by what he finds.

Like - White Birth. Though even he didn't find that one.

By the way, the actual name of the bookstore is White Birch. 7pm. Tomorrow. Sea yoo their.

So - the tour continues. I'm totally amazed I haven't gotten sick - not even the sniffles. When you consider the flights, the handshakes, the hugs and kisses. The door knobs I've licked (perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that). And I'm not a germ conscious person, so while I wash my hands I don't do it all the time, nor do I use handi-wipes or that anti-germ lotion. I keep meaning to, and keep forgetting. Licking door knobs will do that.

But I do think my hair is letting me down. I see photos of myself and my hair is all over the place! Funny, but sometimes I'm satisfied with the photos that are taken at events, and then I go through seasons where I think they're just awful. I'm not sure I've seen a really good one this whole tour.

Perhaps it's just me. Though I did see one great one and was very happy - but then Michael suggested it was photo-shopped. See what I mean about kissing a door knob? Men - honestly. fortunately he immediately reversed his opinion. But not before he gave me the great gift of being able to tease him. And blackmail him.

Off to New Hampshire tomorrow...then Burlington at the Barnes and Noble on Wednesday. I love independent bookstores and am so grateful for all their support. The vast majority of my events are thanks to independent bookstores. Indeed, this is my only Barnes and Noble event - but I'm also very aware of how good B&N has been. How supportive they are of the series. Meeting my friend Maddie from Boston, who is coming for the event. She's the Barnes and Noble Regional Community Relations exec. she and her husband and Michael and I will be having dinner together. then the event. Then Michael and I will probably drive back to Montreal.

Be well.


Anonymous said...

Louise, I too am a non germ-a-phobe and rarely get sick. I've actually been worrying about the fact that I haven't been sick in years - and that's just crazy!
But really I think that exposing yourself to germs and taking basic precautions like hand washing helps to build immunity. Just sayin....

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi anon,

I's too short for me to start scrubbing...though about 3am the other night I was sure kicking myself. But I do think that was really more food issues than flu. I have enough 'phobes' I'm grateful to have side-stepped the germ one!