Tuesday, 26 October 2010

3 loads of laundry

mainly sunny, cool, temps 13

We're back in the Montreal apartment! Unpacked and immediately did a load of laundry. Then another. Then another. Our clothes practically have lives of their own at this point. You should see how we decide what to wear in the morning...but I will leave that up to your considerable imaginations.

What I think you won't have any difficulty imagining is our joy. To be not quite home, but at least in the apartment. With familiar things. Oh, what I wouldn't give to stay a week here...but we're off tomorrow morning to Quebec City. Not exactly a hardship! If any place could get me happily away at this point it's Quebec City.

We're off to do the Quebec launch at the actual Literary and Historical Society. Right in the library where Gamache found such peace and quiet. Shattered by the discovery of a body in the sub-basement. CBC Radio will be broadcasting the event live, and we'll be talking about all sorts of issues raised by the book, as well as speaking to the Chief Archeologist of Quebec about other Quebec mysteries.

That will be this Thursday, the broadcast (CBC Radio's Breakaway with jacquie Czernin) will be between 4 and 6pm - then there'll be a cocktail and nibblies and a party celebrating. You're all invited to both events. It should be loads of fun! Michael will be there, as will My Assistant Lise - and Donna, from Hachette Canada, will be flying in for the day.

But more about that tomorrow or thursday.

Today we took the train from Toronto to Montreal. 5 hours. Funny how a 5 hour train trip feels SO much shorter than a 5 hour flight.

Yesterday Donna and I drove north of Toronto to the Orangeville area - to a lunch event organized by Nancy Frater, of Booklore. The photo above isn't great (nancy's on the right) but the event sure was. Sold out - packed. Great food...wonderfully attentive and enthusiastic crowd. Thoughtful questions...no spoilers.
They even temporarily renamed Ray's Bakery to 'Olivier and Gabri's Bistro'.

Then back to the hotel. Packed - up by 6:30 am to catch train. Listened to music, stared out the window. Emptied mind. Thought a lot about the past month and meeting so many wonderful people. Being in so many interesting places.

Also made notes on the next book, as ideas floated by.

It does feel wonderful to be home in the apartment - if only overnight.


Christine said...

It was such a pleasure meeting you at Bouchercon! I started BURY YOUR DEAD on the trip home. Oh...my...goodness, what a fantastic read!!! How I wish I could be at the Lit and His for the Quebec launch. Look forward to hearing all about it.

lil Gluckstern said...

I get chills thinking of you actually at the Lit and His. Shows you how much much Bury Your Dead gripped me. Isn't it wonderful how laundry brings us down to earth? Even if it is just for a day, rest up.

Elizabeth D said...

Will it be possible to listen to that CBC broadcast archived somewhere on the Internet? (I know we often can do that with our NPR down here south of the border.) I would love to hear it.

Nina said...

Just finished Brutal Telling and I think it's your best to date. I'm a librarian, English major in college, now retired and read a LOT. First time to your blog so I will read around in a bit, but first wanted to RAVE about Brutal Telling. I even looked up some of the pictures by Emma Carr.

We are Canada fans, having been to Quebec city in 2008 to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and their 400 b'day. Also Toronto when the kids were growing up for a vacation. But BEST of all on the Rocky Mountaineer from Calgary to BC around 5-6 years ago. Fabulous trip.

You have created, to reiterate everyone, a magical, warm, and ever-changing, yet ever staying enough of the same, setting with 3 Pines. Can someone please build one so we can visit?

Thank you thank you.

Nina VandeWater